NETLAB+ Support of the EMC Academic Alliance®

Kim Yohannon of the EMC Academic Alliance Program discusses their choice to partner with the Network Development Group (NDG), and the benefits of using NETLAB+.


  NDG now offers a hosted lab service for EMC ISM labs.


NETLAB+ Setup to Support the EMC ISM Course.

NDG has formed a partnership with the EMC Academic Alliance to enable NETLAB+ support of the EMC Information Storage and Management (ISM) course. The use of NETLAB+ provides an enormous opportunity for educational organizations seeking a scalable, cost effective solution to offer access to the technology required in order to introduce students to storage area network technologies and equip them with a valuable platform to learn basic concepts.

Using NETLAB+ to deliver the EMC Information Storage and Management (ISM) course provides students with hands-on learning experience, giving students who are preparing for the EMC Information Storage Associate Certification (EMCISA) a significant advantage.

Virtualization Significantly Reduce Your Equipment Costs

In the NETLAB+ pod design for the EMC Information Storage and Management (ISM) Course, all lab components are 100% virtualized to achieve a high pod to physical host ratio, at a significantly lower cost point relative to traditional delivery of the ISM course. Using virtualization and the sharing and scheduling capabilities of NETLAB+, each student (or team of students) has access to their own set of virtual equipment, which they may maintain exclusive use of throughout the course.

EMC Setup using NETLAB+

NETLAB+ Provides Tools to Enable Easy Delivery of the ISM Course

Try the EMC Academy Alliance Instructor Evaluation System

NDG has worked with EMC to prepare a system for trainers to evaluate the NETLAB+ EMC ISM course setup. Access will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis for a limited time period.

Organizations meeting any of the following criteria are invited to request an account on the evaluation system:

Request An Account On The Evaluation System

EMC ISM Hosted Service - NEW

NDG is pleased to announce the availability of a hosted lab service for the Information Storage and Management (ISM) course.

Content Availability on Your NETLAB+ System

You may request that EMC content be enabled on your system. Detailed participation requirements are included on the request form:

Request EMC Content Enabled On Your NETLAB+ System