VMware View Install, Configure, Manage Version 5.1 labs introduce students to the VMware View suite of products: VMware View Manager, View Composer, and VMware ThinApp. This course is based on the View 5.1 and ThinApp 4.6 releases.


The NETLAB+ VMware View ICM pod is used to support the VMware View Install, Configure, Manage 5.1 course. All lab components are 100% virtualized to achieve a high pod to physical host ratio, at a significantly lower cost point relative to traditional delivery of the course. Using virtualization and the sharing and scheduling capabilities of NETLAB+, each student (or team of students) has access to their own set of virtual equipment, which they may maintain exclusive use of throughout the course.

Please review the content-specific requirements.

Supported Lab List

A lab addendum for each lab provides detailed guidance on performing the labs using a NETLAB+ system. Please note that the sequence of the lab addenda differs slightly from the sequence of the VMware View Install, Configure, Manage 5.1 labs. This is necessary in order to provide compatibility with NETLAB+. The labs should be performed in the order of the lab addenda as shown in the table below.

Lab Title
1 Installing and Configuring the View Connection Server
2 Installing the View Agent in Desktops
3 Creating and Entitling a View Desktop
4 Installing and Using the View Client
5 Configuring and Using Virtual Printing
6 Modifying Global Settings and Managing Users and Sessions
7 Creating and Using an Automated Pool
8 Role-Based Delegated Administration
9 Install View Composer on a Standalone System
10 Deploying Linked-Clone Desktops
11 Modifying Linked-Clone Desktops
12 Managing Linked-Clone Persistent Disks
13 Configuring a View Security Server - Currently NOT Supported1
14 Configuring View Persona Management in Local Computer Policy Environment
15 Capturing Applications with VMware ThinApp
16 Deploying an Application Captured with VMware ThinApp
17 Packaging Internet Explorer 6 with VMware ThinApp
18 Configuring View Persona Management in Local Computer Policy Environment

1This lab may be supported in a future release, pending feasibility study.