Network Development Group, Inc.
NETLAB+ Privacy Policy

This NETLAB+ Privacy Policy describes our practices with regard to personal information and other data stored in instances of NETLAB+ Virtual Edition operated by our customers.

As used in this policy:

      “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Network Development Group, Inc.

      “Anonymous Usage Data” means aggregate statistics and data regarding how students and instructors use NETLAB+, but excludes Personal Information.

      “Personal Information” means information about students and instructors stored in NETLAB+, and might include their names, userids, passwords and email addresses, the courses associated with them and information regarding their progress through such courses.

      “System Function Information” means information that may be useful in addressing technical issues with NETLAB+ and may include debug information, logging and operational measurements, but does not include any Personal Information.

We do not use Personal Information.

We do not need to access Personal Information in order to provide NETLAB+ and will not access any school’s instance of NETLAB+ in order to obtain Personal Information.

We may, however collect and store contact information for our customers’ personnel who are involved in purchasing, supporting, and administering NETLAB+ at their institutions. This information may include an individual’s name, title, telephone number, business mailing address, e-mail address, and other similar information provided by them. We will use this contact information only to communicate with them, and their institution, about NETLAB+ and related matters. For example, we may communicate with local technical support personnel to provide support for NETLAB+ and will use their contact information to do so.

We do use Some Non-Personal Information

We collect both Anonymous Usage Data and System Function Information from our customers’ instances of NETLAB+, and may use this information for our own business purposes. Among other things, we may use this information to debug and improve the software, and to understand the usage and needs of the NETLAB+ community. We use Anonymous Usage Data and System Function Information only in compliance with our confidentiality obligations in the NETLAB+ VE Software License Agreement.