NDG has worked closely with the VMware IT Academy Program to develop these labs and to ensure compatibility with NETLAB+.


The NETLAB+ VMware ICM pod was developed to support the VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage course. All lab components are 100% virtualized (i.e. ESXi-in-ESXi) to achieve a high pod to physical host ratio, at a significantly lower cost point relative to traditional delivery of vSphere ICM. Using virtualization and the sharing and scheduling capabilities of NETLAB+, each student (or team of students) has access to their own set of virtual equipment, which they may maintain exclusive use of throughout the course.

Supported Lab List

Lab Title
0 Installing ESXi
1 Configuring VMware ESXi
2 Installing VMware vCenter Server
3 Installing ESXi
4 Using VMware vCenter Server
5 Designing a Network Configuration (Optional)
6 Accessing IP Storage
7 Managing VMware vStorage VMFS Datastores
8 Working with Virtual Machines
9 Using Templates and Clones
10 VMware vCenter Converter
11 Modifying a Virtual Machine
12 Managing VMware vStorage VMFS Datastores
13 Access Control
14 Resource Pools
15 Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
16 Using Alarms
17 VMware Data Recovery
18 Working with Host Profiles
19 vNetwork Distributed Switches
20 Migrating Virtual Machines
21 VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler
23 Using VMware High Availability