VMware vSphere ICM 6.7 Labs

These labs provide hands-on training in the skills needed to install, configure, and manage VMware vSphere® using a variety of vSphere functions and features. Learners gain the practical skills needed to administer a vSphere infrastructure of any size.

The NETLAB+ VMware vSphere ICM 6.7 pod is used to support the VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage 6.7 labs.

Supported Lab List

Lab Title
1 Navigating the vSphere Web Client
2 Installing ESXi
3 Configuring ESXi Hosts
4 Deploying and Configuring a Virtual Machine
5 Working with vCenter Server Appliance
6 Creating Folders in vCenter Server Appliance
7 Using Standard Switches
8 Accessing iSCSI Storage
9 Accessing VMFS Storage
10 Accessing NFS Storage
11 Using Templates and Clones
12 Using Content Libraries
13 Modifying Virtual Machines
14 Migrating Virtual Machines
15 Managing Virtual Machines
16 Managing Resource Pools
17 Managing vApps
18 Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
19 Using Alarms
20 Using vSphere HA
21 Implementing vSphere DRS Clusters
22 Using vSphere Update Manager