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The Cybersecurity Essentials labs allow students to gain hands-on practice in evaluating cybersecurity principles and demonstrating how to secure a network computing environment through the application of security controls, using Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. While examining strategies for network defense, students will deploy a variety of security methodologies, as well as technologies and concepts used for implementing secure network environments.

Lab List

Lab Number Title
1 Creating a Zero Trust Environment
2 Configuring Authentication
3 Using Two-Factor Authentication to Secure the Firewall
4 Allowing Only Trusted Applications
5 Managing Certificates
6 Decrypting SSH Traffic
7 Decrypting SSL Inbound Traffic
8 Securing Endpoints using Vulnerability Profiles
9 Stopping Reconnaissance Attacks
10 Using Dynamic Block Lists
11 Denying International Attackers
12 Configuring HIP for Global Protect