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Red Hat System Administration III (RH254)

This course, designed for experienced Linux system administrators who have completed RH124 and RH134, allows learners to broaden their ability to administer Linux systems at an enterprise level.

Supported Practice Exercises and Labs

Practice/Lab Number Title
Practice 1.2 Using systemctl to Manage Services
Practice 1.4 Selecting a Boot Target
Lab 1.5 Controlling Services and Daemons
Practice 2.2 Configuring IPv4 Networking
Practice 2.6 Configuring IPv6 Networking
Lab 2.7 Managing IPv6 Networking
Practice 3.2 Configuring Network Teaming
(also includes 3.4 Managing Network Teaming)
Practice 3.6 Configuring Software Bridges
Lab 3.7 Configuring Link Aggregation and Bridging
Practice 4.2 Configuring a Firewall
Practice 4.4 Writing Custom Rules
Practice 4.6 Forwarding a Port
Practice 4.8 Managing SELinux Port Labeling
Practice 4.9 Network Port Security
Practice 5.4 Configuring unbound as a Caching Nameserver
Practice 5.6 Troubleshooting DNS
Lab 5.7 Managing DNS for Servers
Practice 6.2 Configuring Send-only Email Service
Lab 6.3 Configuring Email Transmission
Practice 7.4 Providing iSCSI Targets
(also includes 7.6 Accessing iSCSI Storage)
Lab 7.7 Providing Block-based Storage
Practice 8.2 Exporting NFS File Systems
Practice 8.4 Protecting NFS Exports
Practice 8.6 Providing SMB File Shares
Practice 8.8 Performing a Multiuser SMB Mount
Lab 8.9 Providing File-based Storage
Practice 9.2 Installing MariaDB
Practice 9.6 Managing Users
Practice 9.8 Restoring a MariaDB Database from Backup
Lab 9.9 Configuring MariaDB Databases
Practice 10.2 Configuring a Web Server
Practice 10.4 Configuring a Virtual Host
Practice 10.6 Configuring a TLS-enabled Virtual Host
Practice 10.8 Configuring a Web Application
Lab 10.9 Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service
Practice 11.2 Writing Bash Scripts
Lab 11.3 Writing Bash Scripts
Practice 12.2 Enhancing Bash Shell Scripts with Conditionals and Control Structures
Lab 12.3 Bash Conditionals and Control Structures
Practice 13.2 Working with Login and Non-Login Shells
Lab 13.3 Configuring the Shell Environment
Lab 14.2 Comprehensive Review of System Administration III