VMware IT Academy - Introduction to Virtualization

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The VMware Introduction to Virtualization will enable you to:

  • Explore creating a virtual machines and the benefits
  • Move from a physical environment to a virtual one
  • Describe types of virtualization used for data centers
  • Describe virtualization, virtual machines, hypervisors, and VMware vSphere® components
  • Describe the concepts of server, network, storage, and desktop virtualization
  • Understand how individuals and businesses benefit from virtualization
  • Access embedded videos and labs to help you along the way

Chapter List

Chapter Number Title
1 Welcome
2 Introduction to Virtualization
3 The Hypervisor
4 The Data Center
5 The Virtual Data Center
6 VMware Virtualization Products

Lab List

Lab Number Title
1 Creating a Virtual Machine
2 Virtual Machine Files and Snapshots
3 Virtual Machine Cloning and Exporting
4 Virtual Machine Networking