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Learn the principles and concepts of virtualization, cloud infrastructure technologies and migration to the cloud.

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  •   Six Month Access

Lab Details

The NDG EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) course introduces the principles and concepts of virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies. It provides the required technology foundation for technical professionals to make informed decisions on migration to the cloud.

Lab List

Lab 01: Understanding RAID
Lab 02: Block-level and File-level Storage
Lab 03: Backup and Recovery Concepts
Lab 04: Replication and Deduplication
Lab 05: vSphere and vCenter
Lab 06: vSphere Datastore Implementation
Lab 07: vSwitches - Networking in the VDC
Lab 08: vMotion and Storage vMotion
Lab 09: VMware HA and VMware FT

Instructor Information

Also available on NETLAB+

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