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NDG Security+ v4

Gain hands-on practice in the skills needed to secure a network and prepare for industry certification

  •    60.00 USD
  •   Six Month Access

Lab Details

Security+ labs focus on the principles and best practices in network security. Students gain hands-on practice in the skills needed to secure a network and prepare for industry certification. Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification that proves competency in network security and risk management.


Module List

Lab 01: Social Engineering Attacks
Lab 02: Analyzing Types of Malware and Application Attacks
Lab 03: Analyzing Types of Web Application Attacks
Lab 04: Investigating ARP Poisoning
Lab 05: Analyzing Types of Attacks and Mitigation Techniques
Lab 06: Vulnerability Checks with OpenVAS
Lab 07: Performing Active Reconnaissance
Lab 08: Identifying and Analyzing Network/Host Intrusion Detection System (NIDS/HIDS) Alerts
Lab 09: Virtualization and Group Policy Objects (GPO)
Lab 10: Javascript Obfuscation and Dead Code Injection
Lab 11: Configuring a RADIUS Server
Lab 12: Setting Up a Load Balancer
Lab 13: IoT Management
Lab 14: Cryptography Concepts
Lab 15: Implementing Common Protocols and Services for Basic Security Practices
Lab 16: Securing Data with Encryption Software
Lab 17: Configuring a Network Based Firewall
Lab 18: Wireless Networking Attack and Mitigation Techniques
Lab 19: Working with Android
Lab 20: Linux Account Management
Lab 21: PKI Management with Windows
Lab 22: Capturing Network Traffic
Lab 23: Incident Response Procedures
Lab 24: Performing Backups
Lab 25: Using Autopsy for Forensics and Lost Data Recovery
No Lab: Launch Cyber Range

Support Information

NDG Online provides technical support specifically related to the functionality of the lab environment only. Any questions or concerns regarding the learning material or lab content must be directed to your instructor. Self-paced learners who find they require additional support are encouraged to seek out a course at a local academic institution.

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