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USC HSN Network Tools and Protocols

High-Speed Networks: Network Tools and Protocols. CyberTraining CIP: Cyberinfrastructure Expertise on High-throughput Networks for Big Science Data Transfers

Lab Details

The development of this lab series was supported with funding from the National Science Foundation Award 1829698 “CyberTraining CIP: Cyberinfrastructure Expertise on High-throughput Networks for Big Science Data Transfers” at the University of South Carolina (UofSC). The labs provide hands-on training in the technologies used to build and configure high-speed networks.


Module List

Lab 01: Introduction to Mininet
Exercise 01: Building a Basic Topology
Lab 02: Introduction to Iperf3
Lab 03: Emulating WAN with NETEM I: Latency, Jitter
Lab 04: Emulating WAN with NETEM II: Packet Loss, Duplication, Reording, and Corruption
Lab 05: Setting WAN Bandwidth with Token Bucket Filter (TBF)
Exercise 02: Emulating a Wide Area Network (WAN)
Problem 01: Troubleshooting a WAN
Lab 06: Understanding Traditional TCP Congestion Control (HTCP, Cubic, Reno)
Lab 07: Understanding Rate-Based TCP Congestion Control (BBR)
Lab 08: Bandwidth-Delay Product and TCP Buffer Size
Exercise 03: Tuning TCP and Switch's Buffer Size
Exercise 04: Running Tests with Competing TCP Flows and Different Congestion Control Algorithms
Lab 09: Enhancing TCP Throughput with Parallel Streams
Exercise 05: Enhancing the Aggregate TCP Throughput with Parallel Streams
Problem 02: Enhancing TCP Throughput
Lab 10: Measuring TCP Fairness
Exercise 06: RTT Unfairness
Problem 03: Minimizing the Unfairness
Lab 11: Router's Buffer Size
Lab 12: TCP Rate Control with Pacing
Exercise 07: Setting the Pacing Rate
Lab 13: Impact of MSS on Throughput
Lab 14: Router's Bufferbloat
Exercise 08: Router Bufferfloat
Lab 15: Analyzing the Impact of Hardware Offloading on TCP Performance
Lab 16: Random Early Detection
Lab 17: Stochastic Fair Queueing
Lab 18: Controlled Delay (CoDel) Active Queue Management
Lab 19: Proportional Integral Controller-Enhanced (PIE)
Lab 20: Classifying TCP Traffic Using Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB)

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