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Introduction to Linux 1

Gain the skills needed to perform maintenance tasks on the command line, install and configure a computer running Linux and configure basic networking.

Course Details

Are you an IT professional looking to advance your career and increase expertise? Or a recent grad just starting an IT career? You can set yourself apart with experience and foundational knowledge of Linux. When you have recognized certifications and verifiable knowledge on your resume, you get through the Human Resources firewall and boost your resume to the top of the candidate stack. Certification can mean better job opportunities and increased income potential. NDG Linux courses are the fastest and most effective way to acquire proven Linux skills and get certified.

  • Learn in-demand Linux skills and differentiate yourself in the job market for System Administrator or other IT roles. NDG Linux I is your first step toward certification.
  • Aligned to Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 Certification
  • Stepping-stone to advanced certification exams that require Linux command skills like the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).
  • Each course includes content and a live Linux environment. All you need is a web browser.

NDG Linux Roadmap


  • Offered through Cisco Networking Academy
  • Module List

    Help & Resources
    Before You Get Started
    Module 1: Getting Started
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Exam 1
    Chapter 2: Using the Shell
    Lab 2
    Exam 2
    Chapter 3: Configuring the Shell
    Lab 3
    Exam 3
    Module 2: Basic File Management
    Chapter 4: File Globbing
    Lab 4
    Exam 4
    Chapter 5: File Manipulation
    Lab 5
    Exam 5
    Chapter 6: Finding Files
    Lab 6
    Exam 6
    Module 3: Working With Text
    Chapter 7: Text Utilities
    Lab 7
    Exam 7
    Chapter 8: Regular Expressions
    Lab 8
    Exam 8
    Chapter 9: The vi Editor
    Lab 9
    Exam 9
    Chapter 10: Standard Text Streams and Redirection
    Lab 10
    Exam 10
    Module 4: Advanced File Management
    Chapter 11: Managing Processes
    Lab 11
    Exam 11
    Chapter 12: Archive Commands
    Lab 12
    Exam 12
    Chapter 13: File Permissions
    Lab 13
    Exam 13
    Chapter 14: Filesystem Links
    Lab 14
    Exam 14
    Midterm Exam
    Midterm Exam (Chapters 1-14)
    Module 5: Booting the System
    Chapter 15: Hardware Configuration
    Lab 15
    Exam 15
    Chapter 16: The Boot Process
    Exam 16
    Chapter 17: Bootloaders
    Lab 17
    Chapter 17 Exam
    Chapter 18: Runlevels
    Lab 18
    Exam 18
    Module 6: Partitioning
    Chapter 19: Designing a Scheme
    Exam 19
    Chapter 20: Creating Partitions
    Exam 20
    Module 7: Administration of Filesystem
    Chapter 21: Mounting Filesystems
    Lab 21
    Exam 21
    Chapter 22: Maintaining Integrity
    Lab 22
    Exam 22
    Chapter 23: Fixing Filesystems
    Lab 23
    Exam 23
    Module 8: System Software
    Chapter 24: Package Management
    Lab 24
    Exam 24
    Chapter 25: Managing Shared Libraries
    Lab 25
    Exam 25
    Chapter 26: Virtualization
    Exam 26
    Final Exams
    Final Exam (Chapters 15-26)
    Final Comprehensive Exam


    Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 Certification

    To obtain the LPIC-1 certification, you must pass Exam 101 and 102. This course is designed to prepare you for Exam 101, which covers:

    • System Architecture
    • Linux Installation and Package Management
    • GNU and Unix Commands
    • Devices, Linux File systems, File system Hierarchy Standards

    Support Information

    NDG Online provides technical support specifically related to the functionality of the lab environment only. Any questions or concerns regarding the learning material or lab content must be directed to your instructor. Self-paced learners who find they require additional support are encouraged to seek out a course at a local academic institution.

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  • Offered through Cisco Networking Academy