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Gain the skills needed to store, manage and protect digital information with hands-on labs.

  •    40.00 USD
  •   Six Month Access

Lab Details

The EMC Information Storage and Management (ISM) labs introduce the principles and concepts of storage area networking technologies. These labs offer hands-on practice in the skills needed to make informed decisions about storing, managing and protecting digital information.

Module List

Lab 01: Introduction to Storage
Lab 02: Overview OF RAID
Lab 03: Overview of LUNs
Lab 04a: Overview of Network-Attached Storage
Lab 04b: Analyze Protocols and Performance of Network Attached Storage
Lab 05: Overview fo iSCSI
Lab 06: Backup and Recovery
Lab 07a: Identifying Security Vulnerabilities
Lab 07b: Securing the Storage Infrastructure
Lab 08: Managing the Storage Infrastructure

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