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Software-Defined Storage Concepts

Learn key concepts related to storage in the data center

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Course Details

  • Learn key concepts related to storage in the data center
  • Understand software-defined storage concepts
  • Describe the architecture, technical characteristics, and benefits of vSAN
  • Compare the functionalities and performance of vSAN with other traditional storage options
  • Gain basic information about the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Software-Defined Storage Concepts is a micro-course and does not include labs.


Module List

Software-Defined Storage Concepts

Module 1: Welcome!

Module 2: Storage Concepts in the Data Center

Module 3: Introduction to Software-Defined Storage

Module 4: Software-Defined Storage Model

Module 5: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Module 6: Hyper-Converged Storage vSAN

Module 7: Where To Go From Here?

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