VMware vSphere O&S 6 - NDG Online

NDG VMware vSphere Optimize & Scale Version 6.0

NDG VMware vSphere Optimize & Scale Version 6.0. These labs provide the hands-on experience needed to gain advanced skills for configuring and maintaining a highly available and scalable virtual infrastructure.

Lab List

Lab Title
1 Integrating Active Directory Services and Creating Custom Roles
2 Using vSphere Management Assistant
3 VMware Monitoring Tools
4 Backing Up and Restoring vSphere Distributed Switches
5 Monitoring Network Performance
6 Policy Based Storage
7 Managing Datastore Clusters
8 Working with Virtual Volumes
9 Monitoring Storage Performance
10 Monitoring CPU Performance
11 Monitoring Memory Performance
12 Diagnosing vSphere HA Cluster Resource Issues
13 Host Profiles
14 Using vSphere PowerCLI
15 Using vSphere Auto Deploy on vCenter Server Appliance