Remote Access

Access to NETLAB+ is fast and easy, requiring only a web browser with a Java plugin. Built-in applications for virtual machine and device console are included. NETLAB+ can be used in the classroom as a lecture tool, or as a team collaboration tool for self study. Connection sharing allows instructors and students to share the console of a virtual machine, router, switch, or firewall. A built-in chat client allows users to communicate. Remote access is integrated with lab content. Users simply point and click on lab diagrams to remotely access a virtual machine or lab device.

Lab Content

Lab content for Cisco Networking Academy®, VMware IT Academy Program®, EMC Academic Alliance® and Cyber Security is available (subject to program participation). Topologies such as the Multi Purpose Academy Pod (for Cisco Networking Academy content) and the VMware ICM Pod (for the VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage course) are designed to provide the maximum economy and efficiency of your investment in equipment. NETLAB+ also includes virtual topologies that can be used to teach a variety of courses, including Linux, Microsoft, General IT and Cyber Security. Pods using these virtual topologies can be created very quickly using NETLAB+'s pod cloning and automated network features. Learn more


NETLAB+ provides scheduled access to your virtual machines and lab equipment. All lab access is controlled by reservation, using the scheduler. Using the calendar interface, students and instructors can view the pods and the timeslots available to schedule lab time at their convenience. Time zone support simplifies global participation.

Proactive Resource Awareness

Proactive Resource Awareness is a scheduling feature unique to NETLAB+ that can significantly reduce your equipment expenses by allowing your organization to serve more students using fewer virtualization servers. NETLAB+ proactively manages the availability of pods, so that virtual machines are not oversubscribed, ensuring a quality lab experience for all users. Proactive resource awareness allows your organization to increase the number of trainees that may be served by spreading the server load over time.

Automation and Assessment

Using NETLAB+, you can easily put routers into a known state, recover lost passwords, or even recover an erased flash. In fact, NETLAB+ will do this for you automatically at the end of each lab reservation. Instructors will save hours of valuable class time by using NETLAB+'s configuration file management tools for loading and saving configurations by device or entire lab. NETLAB+ records the commands issued on all routers, switches, and firewalls. All activity is analyzed and available for instructor review. Configuration files and device output are also saved with each lab session.

System Administration

The NETLAB+ server is an appliance. All administration is web based or menu driven. No operating system experience or system administrator knowledge is necessary. The administrator interface provides all the functions necessary to manage the server, equipment pods, system logs and services. Software updates are automatically obtained over the Internet. Pod Cloning capability allows virtual topologies to be copied, which helps to simplify setup. Pod Assignment and Pod Rules allow administrative control and flexibility in managing resources.