The Designated Operating Environment (referred to in the NETLAB+ Customer Agreement) means the NDG-supplied NETLAB+ Appliance and other hardware and third-party software required for the use of NETLAB+ Software, configured in accordance with the specifications and connectivity requirements provided by NDG to Customer.


The Designated Operating Environment includes the NETLAB+ Appliance and several 3rd party components (depending on Customer requirements). Please refer to the NETLAB+ System Requirements page for a description of 3rd party components and links to currently supported hardware and software (which may change from time to time). NETLAB+ integrates with 3rd party virtualization products running on separate servers to provide remote PC support. Please refer to the Remote PC Integration page for a list of support virtualization products and recommended server specifications.

Connectivity Requirements

Customer agrees that in order for the software to function and for NDG to provide Maintenance and Support, including Updates and Enhancements to the Software and updated NDG-Supplied Content, Customer will provide NDG with access to components in the Customer's Designated Operating environment and authorizes NDG to perform changes to components as needed. To facilitate this access, Customer will meet the connectivity requirements defined in CSS, Connectivity and Firewall Considerations and may be modified from time to time.


NDG uses commercially reasonable efforts to integrate all other related software components required to operate the Software, for operation in the Designated Operating Environment. Customer will be solely responsible for setting up the Designated Operating Environment, unless NDG Installation or Enhanced Support Services are purchased. The NETLAB+ Appliance and other hardware sold by NDG hereunder will be subject solely to the warranties provided by the original manufacturer to the extent that such warranties can be transferred to Customer.


NDG uses diligent efforts to ensure that the Software and Appliance (if supplied by NDG) work with the other parts of the Designated Operating Environment and the Supported Equipment. However, NDG does not provide any warranties or compatibility guarantees, expressed or implied, for any part of the Designated Operating Environment, the Supported Equipment, or any other third party hardware or software. Standard equipment recommendations from NDG are based on the models and specifications that have been tested by NDG and/or customers. Only NDG's standard equipment recommendations in the Designated Operating Environment are supported, even if NDG offers opinion or speculation about other proposed hardware. Certain third party software (such as VMware virtualization products) may have additional hardware requirements. Customer is solely responsible for checking with the vendor to review third party software and hardware requirements and compatibility. Other site-specific capacity requirements, including memory, CPU, and storage may factor into Customer's equipment requirements. Customer acknowledges that NDG has no control or responsibility for changes to Supported Equipment made by the manufacturers of or providers of support for such Supported Equipment, including but not limited to changes to Supported Equipment software interfaces and device drivers, and that NDG may remove any equipment from the list of Supported Equipment at any time, with or without notice.


Customer agrees not to access, attempt to access, modify or attempt to modify the underlying operating system or operating system command line interface (shell) of the Appliance.