NETLAB+ uses HTML inline frames (IFRAME). This is a standard HTML feature that is implemented in all browsers supported by NETLAB+. If you receive an IFRAME ERROR message from NETLAB+, please check for the following (listed in order of probable cause):

  1. Personal firewall/security software may be blocking the IFRAME tag. Temporarily disable your firewall software to see if this is the cause of the problem. If so, add your NETLAB+ site address1 to your security software's trusted site list.
  2. Browser security settings may have disabled the IFRAME tag. This problem is most easily fixed by adding you NETLAB+ site address1 to the browser's list of trusted sites.
  3. Browser is not supported. All browsers supported by NETLAB+ support inline frames. Please verify you are using one of the browsers listed on the NETLAB+ login page.

1Your site address is the host name or IP address that you type into your browser's address bar to access your local NETLAB+ system, Do not include the leading http:// prefix or trailing slash (/) characters.

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