NETLAB+ AE & PE Customers: Please refer to the NETLAB+ AE & PE Lab Devices page.

NETLAB+ may be used to facilitate access to lab equipment. Lab equipment is used for actual course work and includes routers, switches and firewalls. Lab devices are part of a topology and users can interact with them either directly or indirectly.

Lab devices and control devices are required in order to support Cisco Networking Academy lab content.

The lab devices listed in the tables below are supported by NETLAB+ VE. Please refer to the Cisco Standard Topology Configurations for detailed equipment lists including software and IOS version requirements. These requirements are specific to the courses you intend to deliver and the topology configurations you select.

Cisco Standard Topology Configurations

Lab Routers

Cisco Router Model

Lab Switches

Please Note: This table lists switch types that can be used in lab pods. Switches that can be used as NETLAB+ VE control switches are listed on the control devices page.

Cisco Switch Model
Cisco 2960+24TC-L
Cisco 2960-24TT-L

Lab Security Devices

Cisco Device Model