2018.R1.final - May 24, 2018

New features
  • Local backup utility added to allow administrators to create local backup copies. This utility should be used in place of remote backup service, which is being discontinued due to GDPR.

2016.R2.beta.4 - May 17, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Add "no vlan 2-2096" to the scrub procedure for Cisco 3650 to clear out VLANs. ZD6617

2016.R2.beta.3 - January 6, 2016

  • Prevent NETLAB+ pages from being displayed in an external FRAME or IFRAME to minimize the risk of "click jacking." ZD5929

2016.R1.final - January 6, 2016

This release includes all enhancements and bug fixes from 2015.R2 beta releases.

Bug Fixes
  • Grammar correction to Administrator password change. ZD4391, GL3
  • Maintenance renewal URL broken after website change. ZD3830

2015.R2.beta.5 - November 10, 2015

  • Interface Name Translation for lab devices will find translate interface names anywhere in the config. Previously only "interface" commands were translated.
  • Switches now support name translation on all ports. For example, a Cisco 3550 with FastEthernet switch ports can be loaded in a Cisco 3650 with GigabitEthernet ports, and vice versa.
  • Resigned Java apps for SHA-256.
Bug Fix
  • Fix bad call to chomp() in VMware/Vim/Core.pm error. Reference ticket ZD3278, GL2.

2015.R2.beta.4 - October 7, 2015

  • Add automation for Cisco 3650 as a lab device.
  • Upgrade SSH to 7.1p1
Known Issues
  • Sharing portal function was removed.
  • Cisco 3650 automation does not preserve configuration if password recovered from NETLAB+.
  • Cisco 3650 automation does not recover system image if erased from flash.
  • Some setup is required for VMs on VMware ESXi hosts to support certain international keyboards. Add the following .vmx file entry to the VM: RemoteDisplay.vnc. keyMap = "xx" where xx is the code for the language to use, such as fi for Finnish. The VM's OS should also be configured to use the same keyboard that is specified in the VM's .vmx file. More notes from VMware regarding AltGr issues: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1022454
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Remote PC Viewer RFB mouse wheel release events. Mouse wheel scrolling now behaves as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated RFB key events for certain keys on foreign keyboards. The duplicates are no longer generated.

2015.R2.beta.3 - September 10, 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Added a state to the Java check interface to handle browsers that don't support the deploy java plugin. #8851
  • New pod wizard may display the error "execute called with 3 bind variables when 0 are needed at /usr/local/netlab/inc/Netlab/Database.pm line 61." GL1, ZD2530

2015.R2.beta.1 - March 2, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Software upgrade can time out and not complete. #8602

2015.R1.final - February 25, 2015

New features
  • This update includes conditional implementation of an HTTPS encryption feature. Customer systems must be running NDG branded hardware in order to receive this feature. Due to legal issues, this feature will be enabled depending on your location. In general, this feature will be made available for all systems in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and most of Western Europe with other countries evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • All features and fixes in the 2014.R2.beta releases are included in this update.

2015.R1.beta.4 - February 17, 2015

New features
  • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2.
  • Update nginx to 1.6.2, configure to use only TLS and strong ciphers. Disable SSL v3.
  • Update OpenSSH to 6.7p1.
Tested browsers, Java:
  • Java 8.31
  • Chrome 40.0.2214.111 m
  • FF 35.0.1
  • IE 11.0.9600.17501

SSL Labs Server Test Rating: A


2015.R1.beta.2 - January 16, 2015

Bug Fixes
  • On error, device automation scripts may log the message "Can't locate object method getlastErrorString via package...". The correct error string should now be logged. #8323.
  • System logs are not rotating. #8326

2014.R1e.final - November 3, 2014 (for production systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Remote PC viewer, CLI terminal viewer, chat and port test warn of expired Java certificates. #8056

2014.R2.beta.8 - October 7, 2014 (for beta systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Changing pod networking options does not take effect if pod is online.
  • Previous upgrade(s) incomplete after bash update.

2014.R1d.final - October 7, 2014 (for production systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Upon reboot of bash-patched system, interface does not start. As a result, systems using inside networking cannot communicate virtual machines and/or virtual infrastructure components.

2014.R2.beta.6 - September 30, 2014 (for beta systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Update bash to 4.3.27(3) to address CVE-2014-6277 and CVE-2014-6278 #7895

2014.R1c.final - September 30, 2014 (for production systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Update bash to 4.3.27(3) to address CVE-2014-6277 and CVE-2014-6278 #7895

2014.R2.beta.5 - September 27, 2014

Bug Fixes
  • NETLAB+ logs bogus "webserver down" message every minute on Linux 2.2 systems running Apache. Turned off webwatch process on these systems.

2014.R2.beta.4 - September 26, 2014 (for beta systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Update bash to 4.3.26(2) to address CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 # 7859

2014.R1b.final - September 26, 2014 (for production systems)

Bug Fixes
  • Update bash to 4.3.26(2) to address CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 # 7859

2014.R2.beta.2 - September 22, 2014

Bug Fixes
  • Do not install Nginx web server on older systems with Linux 2.2 kernel. Apache is retained as the web server. #7806
Known Issues
  • Older single core systems running Linux kernel 2.2 will not run Nginx web server. SSL configuration is not an option on these older systems due to limitations of the kernel and hardware.

2014.R2.beta.1 - August 5, 2014

New Features
  • The NETLAB+ web server now supports SSL on TCP port 443. Availability of this feature in certain countries is subject to crypto law. The NETLAB+ server requires a valid DNS entry and SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority. The following configurations are supported:
    • HTTP (80) only (default setting)
    • HTTPS (443) only
    • HTTPS (443) only
    • HTTP (80) requests redirected to HTTPS (443)
    • HTTP (80) + HTTPS (443)
  • The pod test feature has been rewritten, enhanced and now supports vCenter virtual machines. Legacy virtual machines (standalone) are no longer tested by the pod test.
  • Update IANA time zone database to version 2014b.
  • Update VMware vSphere API support to 5.1 (required to support VHV and the vSPhere ICM 5.5 course).
  • Support Windows Server 8 virtual machines with E1000e adapters.
  • Add pc.N.vmx_vhv_enable=true feature to pod design advanced settings. This will attempt to enable nested virtual hardware assisted virtualization (VHV) and allow nesting of 64-bit VMs. For this to succeed:
    • The VMware host must be running ESX 5.1 or later and support Intel-VT or AMD-V CPU features.
    • The VM must be running virtual hardware version 9 or later.
  • Add pc.N.vmx_uuid_action=keep feature to pod design advanced settings. This allows a virtual machine to keep its UUID each time the virtual machine moves.
Bug Fixes
  • Scheduler default start date may be one day behind. #7001
  • Windows Server 8.1 virtual machine with E1000e virtual adapter causes E_VIM_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION, An unexpected exception occured during a VIM operation. #6846
  • Users may see an erroneous unhandled exception dialog when scheduling a lab reservation. #3826
  • Renaming or deleting a pod may throw CONF-PODS-F-UNDEFCGI error.
  • Mac users of the Remote PC Viewer would sometimes encounter an "Index Out of Bounds" exception when the application attempted to render the moues cursor locally. #7186
  • Mac users of the Remote PC Viewer were not able to open and view the status dialog.
Known Issues
  • This release implements many changes to the web server to accommodate SSL now and HTML5 viewer applications in the future. Internally, the web server gateway protocol has changed from CGI to FastCGI; this required many changes to the user interface.
  • The curriculum web server feature has been removed. Networking Academy participants should access curriculum at Cisco NetSpace.
  • The pod test feature no longer tests virtual machines hosted on legacy virtual machine servers. Support for legacy virtual machines in general ended Dec. 31, 2013, including VMware GSX, VMware Server, ESXi standalone, and NETLAB+ standalone PCs. Please note that the automation code to support legacy VMs in an actual lab reservation has not been removed and should continue to function.
  • SSL only runs on port 443. Remote access ports for the Java based CLI and PC viewers (i.e. 2201) do not yet run SSL. The viewers are being rewritten as HTML5 web applications and will run over SSL (port 443) in a future version.

2014.R1.Final - Jan 16, 2014

No changes since 2014.R1.beta.1. This release was fast-tracked to production to address issues with the Java 7u51 update.


2014.R1.beta.1 - Jan 15, 2014

Bug Fixes
  • NETLAB+ always serves CLI terminal 1, regardless of user profile setting. #6516
  • Update Java detection to support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. #6428
  • Update current Java applications to remove permission warnings. #6293
Known Issues
  • CLI Terminal Version 1 and Remote PC viewer version 1 are now at end-of-life and will be removed from NETLAB+ in a future version. All users should select CLI terminal version 2 and Remote PC viewer version 2 in their profile settings. This is the default setting for new accounts. Version 1 applications may no longer run under Java 7u45, unless the user lowers their Java security settings.

2013.R2.beta.2 - May 23, 2013

  • Increase VM graceful shutdown timeout from 60 seconds to 210 seconds. Some VM images are taking a long time to shut down gracefully and NETLAB+ is powering them off too soon. (#5578)
  • vCenter VMs failing to start vmware-sso service in ICM 5.1 labs. (caused by #5578)
  • When using MS Internet Explorer 10 browser, reservations shown on the scheduler may not be aligned vertically with the correct starting time (#5515).
  • Provide better error messages in remote PC viewer (version 2) if the connection fails (#5418). Reasons for failure may include:
    • VM is powered off.
    • The NETLAB+ server has no route to the VM host server.
    • The firewall in ESXi 5.1 has not been configured to open the TCP ports used for remote display.
  • Modified the Snapshot Management Interface to prevent users from attempting to manage snapshots for persistent VMs.

2013.R1.Final - March 21, 2013

  • This version was accepted as the 2013.R1 production release.

2013.R1.beta.3 - March 14, 2013

Bug Fixes
  • Port test does not work in Microsoft IE9 and cannot be skipped. #5259
  • Corrected an issue where Chat would result in a fatal exception when launched without passing a port test. If acc_last_access_port does not produce a valid port, chat.jnlp will use the first port in sys_access_ports. The standard connection failed dialog will be displayed if the connection fails.

2013.R1.beta.2 - March 12, 2013

New Features
  • Provide a system-wide virtualization setting to configure and remap the TCP port range used for remote PC display connections. This capability is required in a configuration where multiple NETLAB+ systems access a common VMware ESXi host system. Note: This configuration is not compatible with Proactive Resource Awareness and not recommended.
Bug Fixes
  • Correct missing dialog text when an old version of Java is detected. Most commonly experienced by Mac users have the factory shipped Java 1.5.0.
  • Fixed a Mac bug in the Chat client where ContactTreeMouseAdapter? would suffer a NullPointerException? when using the Integer result from calls to Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getDesktopProperty
    ("awt.multiClickInterval") #5224
  • Corrected an issue where Chat would result in a fatal exception when launched without passing a port test. If acc_last_access_port does not produce a valid port, chat.jnlp will use the first port in sys_access_ports. The standard connection failed dialog will be displayed if the connection fails.

2013.R1.beta.1 - February 22, 2013

New Features
  • Remove outbound SMTP test outbound firewall test.
  • Resigned all Java applications with NDG certificates to work with new security features in Java 7U11 and later.
  • Converted the CLI Terminal Viewer from a Java applet to a Java application.
  • Combined the Java applet for the Remote Access Port Test and the Java Version Test applet into into one Java application.
  • Java browser plugin dependency was eliminated. All Java applets (running in a browser context) were eliminated. All Java programs are now Java applications launched via Java Web Start technology. The Java runtime software is still required on the client computer.
  • Removed specific Java installation guidance from NETLAB+ due to significant variations between operating systems. NETLAB+ now redirects users to the official Java install site if Java is not detected.
Bug Fixes
  • Button to skip the Remote Access Test not working.
  • Fix a problem in the Lab Designer tool that may lead to erroneous or corrupt hotspots on a lab image. The build commit process will also detect and patch existing lab designs that have corrupt hotspots. #4587
  • Cisco configurations will not save if IOS issues a console error message during the save process. #4920
  • Scheduler does not correctly report reservation duration when reservation is more than one month. #5084

2012.R5.beta.7 - November 27, 2012

New Features
  • Recognize GigabitEthernet1?/0/X interface names so that Cisco 2960S can be used as a control switch. (#4610)
  • NETLAB+ admin interface now shows product type (AE / PE) next to product version. (#4580)
Bug Fixes
  • The NETLAB+ httpd process does not start properly on system startup. (#4590)
  • Fixed bitmask processing for the Rich Cursor pseudo encoding handler for Remote PC Viewer v2. The local mouse cursor now renders correctly for ESXi 5.1 VNC sessions. Note that ESXi 5.1 platform support and documentation is still in development.
  • Resigned all Java clients that require special system permissions to correct the expired certificate issue and prevent scary warning dialogs from being displayed to users.

2012.R5.beta.6 - September 4, 2012

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed nta4 (CLI Terminal) issue where line feed characters (0x0A) were being inserted into the output stream in addition to carriage return characters (0x0D) when content was pasted into the client on Windows platforms. This only seemed to cause problems within the tclsh. (#4405)
  • Scheduler throws 'reservation too short error' with 24 hour pod reservation. (#4431)
  • Fix critical defect (#4528). API call vm.host.remove throws E_DB_EXECUTE_FAILED.
  • CLI viewer (version 2) Tab key does not work after Java 7 upgrade. (#4493)

2012.R5.beta.4 - June 20, 2012

New Features
  • Built-in VMware snapshot manager in VM Inventory. (documentation pending).
  • Make Remote PC viewer version 2 the default viewer for new NETLAB+ accounts.
Bug Fixes
  • Pod cloning utility does not default to correct datastore. (#4273)

2012.R5.beta.3 - June 4, 2012

  • Account manager and account import text dialog improvements and minor fixes.

2012.R5.beta.2 - May 23, 2012

New Features
  • Add CSV import utility and Family/Given name fields to account manager.
  • Set host name feature added to network configuration web interface. The hostname setting should be either a valid hostname or fully-qualified domain name. To prevent your NETLAB+ server from being flagged as an e-mail spam source, you should enter a fully qualified domain name that is also registered in your DNS server (both forward lookup and reverse IP entries). (#3214)
  • All system IP settings (except static routes) can now be changed from the administrator web interface.
  • Added Cisco ASA 5505 driver
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where virtual pods are not deleted properly and can place additional overhead on NETLAB+ and vCenter servers. After many pods are deleted, the web interface may begin to post "500 internal error". Examination of logs indicate "Too many MySQL connections". Rebooting the server temporarily eases the problem until more pods are deleted. #4214
  • Too many SQL connections logged and system unresponsive following several pod deletions. (#4214)
  • Cisco ASA driver does not identify IOS image name, attempts to reload the same image on each scrub. (#4102)
  • Interface name translation not performed on configs sourced from routers whose NETLAB+ ID contains a dash (C2800-S00, C1841-S01, etc.) (#4154)
  • Scheduler does not always correctly calculate the maximum number of active pods. (#4068)
  • When saving a Cisco switch configuration, NETLAB+ automation may fail to insert an explicit no shutdown directive on the VLAN1 interface. (#3940)
  • Fix Cisco ASA boot timeout for software version 8.4. (#3949)
  • Fixed an issue in netconfig.cgi where the interface link state was incorrectly reported as Down on older systems that can't provide a defined value. Link state is now reported as Unknown in this case. (#3998)
  • Fixed a spelling error in the Pod Designer interface. On the Control tab, "Consecutive" was misspelled. (#3989)
  • Unattended reservations may leave VMs powered on. (#4011)
  • Fix critical defect in 2012.R1. Cannot clone pods. (#3916) Lab design may become corrupted with duplicate lab IDs, resulting in SQL INSERT errors when the lab design is subsequently installed. (#3863)
  • The "enforce lab author's time limits" class setting is not saved when a class is added. (#3849)
  • NETLAB+ Automation "could not determine size of flash memory" on IOS 15.(#3796)
  • Increase VM power on timeout tolerance from 60 seconds to 300 seconds. This is to prevent E_TASK_TIMEOUT from occurring when powering on a large number of virtual machines at the same time, resulting in VMware ESXi placing some of the tasks in a prolonged busy/wait state. (#3668)
  • Increase VM clone timeout tolerance from 120 seconds to 300 seconds. This is to prevent E_TASK_TIMEOUT errors from occurring when performing full clones on very large VMs. (#3668)
  • Trailing whitespace in pod design advanced settings causes errors. Pod designer will now remove trailing whitespace. (#3833)
  • Fixed the bug causing Alerts to display the wrong date and time for alert messages. (#3663)
  • Undefined subroutine Netlab::MyNetlab::Class_IsLead called at /usr/local/netlab/inc/Netlab/MyNetlab.pm line 123. (#3611)
  • Alerts page should navigate to referring page on Exit using HTTP POST rather than history.back().
  • A previous problem has resurfaced where multiple keystrokes can occur when typing in a Linux VM using Remote PC Viewer Version 1. (#2697, #3517)
  • 2901 Routers running IOS 15 need more time to boot before Break signal is sent. (#3420)
  • Remote PC viewer V2 allows reconnect to a cancelled reservation. (#3457)
  • Remote PC Viewer V2: modified connect retry dialog to display error messages received NETLAB+ server. (#3459)
  • Resigned framework and nva2 jars to resolve "java.lang.SecurityException: class "com.ndg.remote.PCViewer$9"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package". (#3450)
  • Disabled packing of jar files via jnlp property to resolve "java.lang.SecurityException: class "com.ndg.remote.PCViewer$9"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package". (#3450)
  • Modified pseudo cursor encoding handler to crop mouse cursor images at 32x32 pixels to prevent scaling down of cursor images larger than those supported by Java. (#3504)

2011.R5 - September 27, 2011

New Features
  • Add ability to set a unique System Local ID for the Virtual Machine Inventory when multiple NETLAB+ system at the same site share a common vCenter and ESXi server farm.
Bug Fixes
  • Select All and Unselect All buttons are not working in the Virtual Machine Inventory Import feature. (#3393)
  • Cannot not start remote PC viewer V2 from instructor-only reservations. (#3345)

2011.R4 - September 13, 2011

Lab Content
Bug Fixes
  • Numerous URLs and documentation links have been updated within the product to fix broken links. (#3286)
Known Issues
  • An HWIC-16A access server module in a Cisco 2901 router may generate an infinite loop of break signals on a line after the first break signal is sent as the break signal is part of the normal scrub process. This bug essentially makes the combination unusable. A TAC case has been opened to address this issue. This hardware combination first appeared in NETLAB+ 2011.R1.beta.27, but was never elevated to supported status. This hardware combination should not be purchased until a resolution is found. Workaround is to use a different supported access server/hardware combination. (#3057)

2011.R3 - August 26, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • NETLAB+ systems shipped with version 2011.R2 produce an E_VM_DATACENTER_INVALID_TYPE error when attempting to add a VMware datacenter.

2011.R2 - August 16, 2011

This is the largest software upgrade in the history of NETLAB+. Learn More!

This major release includes the features and bug fixes listed for 2011.R2 AND all of the 2011.R1V.beta releases that follow.

New Features
  • All unused minutes of a reservation are returned to the scheduler (after pod cleanup activities complete).
  • Added support for automatic networking of real equipment pods for Cisco Networking Academy program. Requires vCenter and virtual machines to reside in the NETLAB+ virtual machine inventory. For details see section 10.2, 5.4 and 5.6 of the Remote PC Guide (vCenter).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various config save errors when saving real equipement configs from the Save tab. (#3242)
  • Cannot login to NETLAB+ after upgrade to Safari 5.1 on MAC OSX. (#3249)
  • Remote PC Viewer Version 1 does not size properly in Safari browsers. (#3274)
  • Remote PC Viewer Version 1 does not size properly in Firefox on MAC. (#3275)
  • Cisco pods that have VMs in the inventory will fail diagnostic during pod start if the Inside vSwitch on the corresponding host is not set. (#3287)
  • New scheduler does not enforce loading of required configuration files on certain Cisco Netacad labs. (#3288)

2011.R1V.beta.28 - July 22, 2011

New Features
  • Allow administrator to set the maximum color depth of each remote PC to control bandwidth vs. color accuracy. Only affects connections from Remote PC Viewer version 2.
Bug Fixes
  • Provide workaround to automatically turn off copy-rect encoding in Remote PC Viewer version 2 when VMware ESXi 4.01 is detected. This ESXi version does not handle copy-rect updates properly.

2011.R1V.beta.27 - July 20, 2011

New Features
  • Beta support for HWIC-16A access server line cards inserted into a Cisco 2901 router.
  • Provide a maximum color depth setting for each remote PC to control the maximum amount of bandwidth used by the Remote PC Viewer Version 2.
  • Automatically turn off "copy rect encoding" in Remote PC Viewer Version 2 when VM is running on VMware ESXi 4.0 platform. This version of ESXi does not handle the encoding correctly at 16 and 8 bit color depths.

2011.R1V.beta.26 - July 17, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • #3192: Scheduler catalog generates a missing image file error in web error log.
  • #3198: Connection close may not always provide user notification.
  • #3183, #3184: Viewer loses focus after subsequent invocations.

2011.R1V.beta.25 - July 11, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • #3181: Remote PC Viewer Version 2 when switching from locally rendered cursor to remotely rendered cursor and back again, the cursor would not update correctly.

2011.R1V.beta.24 - July 7, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • #3162: Remote PC Viewer V2 display object was not validating or laying out correctly when it was resized in response to a received desktop size pseudo encoded message. The issue only presented itself when "Auto Fit Window" was disabled.

2011.R1V.beta.22 - June 24, 2011

New Features
  • Release NETLAB+ Remote PC Viewer Version 2 (beta).
Bug Fixes
  • #2917: PIX firewall saved configurations may be incomplete.

2011.R1V.beta.21 - June 7, 2011 (Current Beta Software Release)

Bug Fixes
  • #3123: When a virtual pod is deleted, make sure VMs are powered off to avoid errors, and ensure than any residual automatic networks are removed.

2011.R1V.beta.20 - June 1, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • #3116: Scheduler may fail with "time already passed" error on the last day of a month.

2011.R1V.beta.19 - May 25, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • #3088: Fix undefined subroutine errors in lab access tabs.

2011.R1V.beta.17 - May 16, 2011

New Features
  • Add beta support for Cisco 1941, 2901, and 2911 lab devices. NETLAB will recover a lost IOS. It will not recover other deleted items such as security keys or voice configuration files for IP phones.
Bug Fixes
  • #3043: Pod start may fail with E_TASK_TIMEOUT error when reverting VMs to snapshot.
  • #3059: Pod rules can block pods that should be allowed for instructor-only reservations.

2011.R1V.beta.16 - April 28, 2011

New Features
  • Add 25 virtual pod designs for general IT. These pods support pod cloning and automatic networking

2011.R1V.beta.15 - April 22, 2011

New Features
  • The maximum number of pods, devices, and remote PCs has been updated for all product editions in order to support a higher number of virtualized pods.
  • The number of physical lab devices supported (routers, switches, firewalls) is now 64 for NETLAB Academy Edition and 128 for NETLAB Professional Edition.
  • The number of "active" remote PCs is now 80 for NETLAB Academy Edition and 160 for NETLAB Professional Edition. Active refers to the number of virtual machines or standalone PCs that can be scheduled at one time in the same 30 minute time slot.

2010.R6 - January 19, 2011 (Current Production Release)

New Features
  • Built-in chat client (beta).
  • Pod rename function.
  • Updated browser support table on login page. Apple Safari 5.0.2 for Windows/Mac and Google Chrome 7.0.517 moved to beta support status.
  • Improved Java detection. Provides guided install when Java not detected. Provides guided update when Java version is older than 1.6.0_15.
  • Allow Multiple Labs in Same Reservation. Added feature to allow students or teams to change lab exercise within the same lab reservation. The Exercise tab will be displayed during lab access. Only labs compatible with the reserved pod type will be available for selection. This feature is enabled in class settings. A new archive entry is not created when lab exercise is changed. This feature should not be enabled if you want the archive to contain one entry per lab.

    In order to enable this feature, you must select "Yes" for the option to Allow Multiple Labs in Same Reservation in the class settings. The Exercise tab will be displayed during lab access. Only labs compatible with the reserved pod type will be available for selection.

    This option only affects Student or Team reservations (ILT reservations always allow the lead instructor to change exercises). Currently, this option does not start a new archive entry. The final archive will contain combined device output for all labs. The final configuration files will reflect the state of the pod at the end of the pod reservation.

    If you use the archive feature for assessment and want each lab's device output and final configuration files to appear in a separate archive entries, you should select "No" to disallow multiple labs in the same reservation.

Updates to Cisco Networking Academy Labs

  • CCNPv6.0 ROUTE: The configuration files for lab 8.2 have been updated.
  • CCNPv6.0 TSHOOT: LAB 5.1 has been updated to be consistent with the updated Cisco lab version, which now includes an additional lab ticket “E”. Also, the lab design name was updated from “CCNPv6.0 TSHOOT – BETA” to “AE CCNPv6.0 TSHOOT – BETA” to maintain consistency among all of the lab designs.
  • CCNA Security: The initial configuration files for Lab 6A - Securing Layer 2 Switches, has been set to always load the preset configuration files to prevent a potential loop, broadcast storm, and lab switch outage.
  • CCNA Exploration 2 : Update to Skills Exam. The EIGRP SBA when done with the MAP was showing error messages from EIGRP as a result of the connections provided by S1, S2, and S3. Initial configuration files are now configured for S1, S2, and S3 to shutdown their ports.
  • CCNA Exploration 2: The image for lab 3.5.2 was changed in order to correct an error.
  • CCNA Exploration 4: A clickable hot spot for Lab 2.5.1, PC3 on the topology diagram has been changed to PC-C.
  • CCNA Discovery 3: Modification to lab design, AE CCNA DIS 3 V4.0.3 -MAP- English: Access to S1 has been provided as a result of a customer request. S2 and S3 have been isolated because they are not used.

Bug Fixes

  • Properly detect Java installation and version.
  • Corrected several Java related compatibility issues for Mac. These corrections target MAC OS X 10.6.4, Safari 5.0.2 or Firefox 3.6.12, and Java 1.6.0_22. Earlier software versions may be incompatible with NETLAB+.
  • The curriculum access page now instructs users to type in their password when prompted. Some browsers such as MSIE, without warning, send an empty password to the server when a user cuts and pastes a password from the clipboard.
  • Increase of the port test applet timeout from 1 to 5 minutes in case of security dialogs.
  • Corrected a problem where an IOS command typed at the same time a Cisco router emits a %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE message can cause the typed command to be omitted from the archive command index or index.csv file.
  • Provide better error messaging when the pod test detects that a control switch is missing commands on ports connected to lab switches.

Known Issues

  • NETLAB+ is not compatible with VMware ESXi 4.1. Support for version 4.1 via vCenter will be available in a future version of NETLAB+. VMware ESXi 4.0U1 or VMware ESXi 3.5U5 is currently recommended for use with NETLAB+. An upgrade from ESXi 4.0U1 to 4.0U2 may be required for systems using the latest processors, such as the Intel 5600 family. Please see the Downloading ESXi support page. This does not apply to participants in the VMware ICM beta using NETLAB+ software version 2011.R1V.
  • Cisco WS-C3560V2-24PS switches ("V2" models) do not respond to a console break signal, regardless of "enable break" setting, and therefore do not work with NETLAB+ automation (reference Cisco bug CSCsv92241). NDG is working with Cisco to resolve the problem. Workarounds: use WS-C3560-24PS (non-"V2" version) switches if available, or turn off automation by using the Generic Console Device setting. Update: Cisco TAC has reproduced the problem and has indicated that it will be fixed in a future firmware update. We will keep you informed of the status of Cisco’s resolution to this issue.
  • Depending on the state of the equipment pod, a pod test does not always detect when a control switch is missing commands on ports connected to lab switches. Please see the Switch Configuration Commands support page.

2010.R5 - October 1, 2010

With this software update, NETLAB+ provides beta support for CCNP v6.0 ROUTE and SWITCH. Please note, the last production release was 2010.R2; 2010.R3 and 2010.R4 versions were released to beta testers only.

Support of the Beta Release of CCNPv6.0 ROUTE and SWITCH Courses

With this update, NETLAB+ provides beta support for CCNP ROUTE using the Cuatro Router Pod (CRP) and the Multi-Purpose Academy Pod (MAP).

NETLAB+ provides beta support for CCNP SWITCH using the Cuatro Switch Pod (CSP) with the exception of one lab, which uses the Multi-Purpose Academy Pod (MAP).

Updates to CCNPv6.0 TSHOOT

This software update provides compatibility with the updated version of CCNP TSHOOT:

  • The initial configuration files have been modified.
  • The topology images have been updated for labs 3.1 and 6.1.

Updates to CCNA Exploration 2

This software update provides compatibility with the updated version of CCNA Exploration 2 Skills based exam:

  • Modification to topology images for EIGRP SBA on MAP, CRP and BRPv2.
  • Lab document update for EIGRP and OSPF Skills Based Assessment.

Expanded Support of Access Server Modules

Support of modular combinations of Cisco HWIC-16A, NM-32A, and NM-16A asynchronous access server modules. Details are available on the Supported Control Devices page.

Pod Assignment - New Feature

Pod Assignment is a pod resource management feature, which allows pods to be assigned and visible only to those who have been granted access. The flexibility of pod assignment allows pods to be assigned at the community, class, instructor, student and student team level. Pod assignment is initiated at the system level by the Administrator. Community and class level assignments may be delegated to instructors.

Please refer to the NETLAB+ Pod Assignment Guide for details on selecting and implementing the appropriate pod resource management features for your system.

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected handling of tab character in CLI terminal applications. Output from lines beginning with a tab character are now displayed.
  • Corrected system-wide privilege bug on Pod Assignment "remove" function.
  • Lab designer corrected to display the contents of a configuration file instead of the word ‘data’.
  • Corrected issue where unused access server lines may be incorrectly reported and treated as used (affected beta versions only).

Known Issues (Unresolved)
  • NETLAB+ is not compatible with VMware ESXi 4.1. Support for version 4.1 via vCenter will be available in a future version of NETLAB+.
  • VMware ESXi 4.0U1 or VMware ESXi 3.5U5 is currently recommended for use with NETLAB+. An upgrade from ESXi 4.0U1 to 4.0U2 may be required f or systems using the latest processors, such as the Intel 5600 family.
  • Cisco WS-C3560V2-24PS switches ("V2" models) do not respond to a console break signal, regardless of "enable break" setting, and therefore do not work with NETLAB automation (reference Cisco bug CSCsv92241). NDG is working with Cisco to resolve the problem. Workarounds: use WS-C3560-24PS (non-"V2" version) switches if available, or turn off automation by using the Generic Console Device setting.

2010.R2 - April 12, 2010

NETLAB+ provides beta support for the recently released first course of the CCNP v6.0 curriculum, CCNP TSHOOT. Beta support for CCNP TSHOOT is provided using the Multi-Purpose Academy Pod (MAP).

There are additional equipment requirements for the MAP pad when using it for CCNP TSHOOT:

  • Two of the three switches must be L3 (3560s).
  • R1, R2 and R3 must be minimum 1841s with 192 DRAM and the Advanced IOS Services.

Details on the additional equipment requirements for using MAP pad for CCNP TSHOOT.

2010.R1 - February 5, 2010

Bug fixes:
  • #1957: User logouts cause remote PC viewer connections to drop and reconnect.
  • #2026: Excessive interface state changes during the load of a configuration file can cause loading errors and dropped terminal connections on Cisco IOS lab devices.
  • #1615: Pod test sometimes fails to start and displays an internal error.

2009.R3 - October 26, 2009

Labs for the CCNA Discovery have updated to use the Multi-purpose Academy Pod:

2009.R2 - September 16, 2009

NETLAB+ 2009.R1 is the fifth major feature upgrade - September 9, 2009

Academy Pods and Curriculum

New Features
  • Added support for VMware ESXi version 3.5 U3/U4
  • Added support for VMware Server version 2.
  • Remote PC Viewer automatically sizes to virtual machine resolution. The user option to set the matching window resolution is no longer needed and was removed.
  • The port test is bypassed if logging in from the same IP address and same browser used during the last successful port test.
  • Change password label in class settings from "enable password" to "enable secret password".
  • The default remote access port has been changed from TCP 23 to TCP 2201. This change only affects new systems shipped after this software release.
  • Updated user interface icons.

Bug Fixes
  • Adjust Cisco ASA driver for longer boot times.
  • Handle control device errors and unreachability more gracefully, reducing possibility of "waiting for previous reservation to complete".
  • Class usage report displayed incorrect totals.
  • All dates shown in alerts table showed a recent date instead of the time of the actual event.
  • Removing curriculum no longer generates an HTTP (500) server error.

4.0.25e - Nov-14-2008

Modification to Minimum Time Between Reservations Setting:

Based on helpful feedback provided by several customers, the behavior of the Minimum Time Between Reservations setting has been modified. This setting controls the minimum amount of time between successive reservations made by an individual student or team and can be used to prevent excessive scheduling of labs. Minimum Time Between Reservations may be set at the community level (see section 2.14.1 of the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide. or at the class level (see section 5.1 of the NETLAB+ Instructor Guide.

Originally, the Minimum Time Between Reservations was based on reservation start time. The minimum time is now based on maintaining the time gap between reservations. The following examples illustrate how this modification affects the behavior of the scheduling system:

  • Example 1
    • Assume a Minimum Time Between Reservations is set to 3 hours. Student Joan Smith makes a 2 hour lab reservation at 1:00pm Joan Smith’s lab reservation will take place from 1:00pm-3:00pm.
    • Before: The next available time for which Joan Smith may make a lab reservation is 4:00pm. A total of 3 hours must pass from the start time (1:00pm) of the first reservation.
    • Now: The next available time for which Joan Smith may make a lab reservation is 6:00pm. A 3 hour gap between the reservations (3 hours from the 3:00pm end time) is enforced.
  • Example 2
    • Assume a Minimum Time Between Reservations is set to 4 hours>. A member of Team-A makes a 1 hour lab reservation for the team at 9:00am Team-A’s lab reservation will take place from 9:00am-10:00am
    • Before: The next available time for which Team-A may make a lab reservation is 1:00pm. A total of 4 hours must pass from the start time (9:00am) of the first reservation.
    • Now: The next available time for which Team-A may make a lab reservation is 2:00pm. A 4 hour gap between the reservations (4 hours from the 10:00am end time) is enforced.

Support for Updated CCNA Discovery Courses

With this update, NETLABAE supports the recently revised versions of the CCNA Discovery courses. Please refer to the lab support pages for details on supported lab exercises for each course:

Bug Fix

#540: During recent software modifications, a limit of 10 device connections at a single IP address was erroneously imposed. This limit was not intended and has been removed.

4.0.25 - Aug-22-2008

New Features:

Administrator Defined Remote Access Ports. With this release, your NETLAB+ system is no longer limited to using TCP port 23 (the default setting) for remote access. The administrator may define one or more port numbers for use by NETLAB+ for remote device access, remote PC access and chat functions (chat functions will be available in a future software release). At some organizations, it may be desirable to select a different port, in order to remain compliant with your organization’s security policies. You may also define additional remote access ports to assist clients who cannot use TCP port 23 due to other security restrictions implemented between the client and NETLAB+ site. Please refer to “Define Remote Access Points”, section 2.9 of the NETLAB+ Installation Guide

Remote Access Test. A Remote Access Test is performed during each user login. The purpose of the test is to verify that the user will be able to access devices and remote PCs using one of the TCP ports defined by the system administrator (the default is TCP port 23). Performing this test during each user login will provide users with guidance to resolve any device connection problems that may be present before beginning a lab reservation. Please refer to “Remote Access Test”, section 2.1 of the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide.

System Usage Reporting. New usage reporting tools provide valuable feedback on the use of your NETLAB+ system. The ability to review the use your NETLAB+ system is receiving provides helpful information to share within your organization, and can be a helpful indicator of when to consider expanding your system.

There are several levels of reporting available, each with a variety of sorting and grouping options:

Community Usage: Total number of labs and lab hours, grouped by community. User Usage: Total number of labs and lab hours per user. Class Usage: Total number of labs and lab hours per class. Pod Usage: Total number of labs and lab hours per equipment pod.

Please refer to “Usage Reporting” section 2.28, of the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide for details on the usage reporting option.

Enhanced Community Management: Additional community level settings allow administrators to enforce restrictions on the maximum time length of lab reservations and the minimum time period between lab reservations for an entire community. These restrictions may be used along with class level settings. Please see “Manage Communities” section 2.14, of the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide for details.

Support of Discrete Non-Revealing Login Text. The Obscure Login security option determines the type of login prompts and error messages displayed during equipment logins using the Telnet protocol. If enabled, NETLAB+ will emulate UNIX-style login prompts and error messages. The default is disabled, which provides NETLAB+ specific login prompts and informative error messages. This option does not affect the built-in Telnet applications, which provide automatic, transparent logins; only users who opt to use their own Telnet application are affected by this setting. This option is available through the Configure services option of the administrative interface, as described in “Configure Services” section 2.10, of the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide.

AE Lab Additions and Updates:
  • CCNA Discovery 2 - New
  • CCNA Discovery 3 - New
  • CCNA Discovery 4 - New
  • CCNP Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks - Updated
  • CCNA Exploration 2 - Updated
  • CCNA Exploration 3 - Updated
  • CCNA Exploration 4 - Updated

Documentation Updates:
  • Installation Guide - Updated
  • Instructor Guide - Updated
  • Administrator Guide - Updated
  • Remote PC Guide for VMware Server Implementation - Updated
  • Network Fundamentals Pod Guide - Updated

Bug Fixes:

#539: Alternate names for PCs in certain labs do not appear on lab access action, connection, or status tabs.

4.0.24 - Apr-4-2008

New Features:

Curriculum and labs can be authorized per community. Using this feature, NETLAB PE customers that are also Cisco Networking Academies can create separate communities for users and activities that are not affiliated with the Academy program.

Added time zone support for Bogota, Lima, Quito.

AE Lab Additions and Updates:
  • CCNA Exploration 3 - New
  • CCNA Exploration 4 - New
  • Network Security 1 - Updated
  • Network Security 2 - Updated

AE Topologies:
  • LAN Switching Pod - New
  • Network Security Pod - Updated
  • Network Fundamentals Pod - Updated
  • Cuatro Router Pod - Updated

Documentation Updates:
  • Remote PC Guide for VMware Server Implementation - Updated
  • Administrator Guide - Updated
  • Network Security Pod - Updated

Bug Fixes:

#532: Attempting to access an unreachable switched outlet device may produce the error 'Can't locate object method "ErrorNum" via package "SNMP::Session" at APC9211.pm line 38.'

#533: Preloaded configuration files may fail to load on some router platforms.

#534: Virtual PCs in the AE Network Fundamentals Pod are aligned with the wrong S1 lab switch ports. This was corrected by changing the VLAN maps to match configuration guidance in the NFP documentation.

#535: The router interfaces E0 and E1 in the Network Security Pod should be reversed. This was corrected by changing the VLAN maps.

#536: Administrator cannot access curriculum.

#537: Separate time zone entry required for Bogota/Lima/Quito.

#538: Cuatro Router Pod cable guidance incorrect for R3 serial interface.

4.0.23 - Aug-17-2007

New Features:

Added recognition of Cisco Packet Tracer 4.0 file extensions (.pka and .pkt). This change allows Packet Tracer exercises can be launched directly from curriculum hosted on NETLAB AE systems. Please note that Packet Tracer is a standalone application and must be installed on each user's PC for this feature to work.

Added SNMP MIB changes for the APC Rackmount PDU. This update is required for compatibility with newer APC models or if the Ethernet management interface is upgraded to recent firmware.

Support added for Cisco Pagent IOS and automation to handle Pagent license keys. Pagent IOS is used in the new CCNP ONT course. Please refer to the ONT web page and section 4 of the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide for details.

New Academy Edition Labs:
  • CCNA 4.0 Exploration 1
  • CCNA 4.0 Exploration 2
  • CCNP 5.0 ISCW
  • CCNP 5.0 ONT

You may also use NETLAB AE servers to host these new curriculum modules. For CCNA, you must obtain the LINUX zip file versions (available on Academy Connection); the Windows versions will not work.

New Academy Edition Pods:

Network Fundamentals Pod


New Features:

Add Cuatro Router Pod (CRP) support for Academy Edition CCNA 3.1 lab exercises.

Automation support for Pagent IOS images and license keys. For more information, please refer to section of the Administrator Guide.

Automation support for IOS 12.4 ROM monitors.

Added banner and login customization features for NETLAB PE.


New Features:

Updated time zone rules, including 2007 changes to daylight savings time in U.S. and Canada.

For your convenience, your NETLAB+ system now displays the status of your system maintenance agreement on the administrator main page. You may also enable the display of the maintenance reminder to selected instructors. For details, please refer to the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide section 2.1 and 2.14.2.

If you would like to use a lab device that is not supported by NETLAB+, it may be possible by using the new Generic Console Device setting. This feature provides console access to an unsupported lab device during a reservation. Several restrictions apply. For details, please refer to the NETLAB+ Administrator Guide section 2.21.23 and


New Features:

Comprehensive system security updates.
Added support for Cisco ASA 5510 security appliance.

Bug Fixes:

#531: Class start and end dates ignored in version 4.


New Features:

Added class level usage statistics to the Class Manager.

Added access to student and team archive data directly from the Class Manager.

Added option in class settings to enforce or disregard lab time limits set by lab authors. Lead instructors may choose to disregard predetermined lab time limits to give students more time to complete labs.

Added labs for Network Security Version 2.0.

Enhanced TFTP server to work around Cisco rommon ARP issue (CSCsg05110).

Bug Fixes:

#528: Watchdog should kill action scripts that have hung.

#529: Flash recovery script times out on checksum validation of large IOS images.

#530: NETLAB may fail to set a router's config register back to 2102 under certain conditions.


New Features:

Added class level usage statistics to the Class Manager.

Added access to student and team archive data directly from the Class Manager.

Added option in class settings to enforce or disregard lab time limits set by lab authors. Lead instructors may choose to disregard predetermined lab time limits to give students more time to complete labs.

Added labs for Network Security Version 2.0.

Enhanced TFTP server to work around Cisco rommon ARP issue (CSCsg05110).

Bug Fixes:

#528: Watchdog should kill action scripts that have hung.

#529: Flash recovery script times out on checksum validation of large IOS images.


New Features:

Add Cisco Catalyst 2960-24, 2960-48, 3560-24, and 3560-48 products as supported lab switches and control switches.

Bug fixes:

#526: Basic Switch Pod Version 2 pod design allocates 1 too many A/S and APC ports.

#527: Lab designer export function broken in 4.0.14, function always produces an IFRAME error message.

#528: Account deletion fails.


This release was recalled due to issue #528.


New Features:

Add beta support for PIX software version 7.1 and 7.2.

Bug fixes:

#522: Pod designer provided appropriate error messages, but did not enforce retool and downgrading rules.

#523: Lead instructors not receiving final class configs via e-mail.

#525: NETLAB may email duplicate user alert messages to the designated system contacts. Some of these alerts do not warrant notification at the administrator level.

#526: AE Basic Switch Pod Version 2 should allocate only three A/S and APC ports.

Known Issues:

#524: The NETLAB PIX driver is only designed to handle disaster recovery of a software image. It is not designed to handle downgrades, or some upgrades. Downgrading in some cases may result in clearing of the PIX activation keys. The NDG website and documentation do not explain this.


Bug Fixes:

#520: The login password field should allow up to 16 characters.

#521: Added more descriptive error message and help screen when an IFRAME is blocked by security software.


Bug Fixes:

#517: After adding two custom pods two NETLAB AE, regular NETLAB AE pods cannot be added.

#518: Pods that were offline were incorrectly brought online after software upgrade.

#519: Basic Router Pod V2 serial cable guidance is incorrect.


New Features:

NETLAB drivers were updated for VMware Server 1.0.1. VMware Server support in NETLAB is now BETA. Please see the VMware Server FAQ on the NDG website for further information:

Bug Fixes:

#515: A lab design whose general settings are modified cannot be uninstalled from the NETLAB database.

#516: Corrected timezone support for Chile and Easter Island.


New Features:
  • Communities
  • Pod Rules
  • Pod Designer (beta)
  • Lab Designer (beta)

Bug Fixes:

#514: NETLAB sets reserved port back to VLAN 1, regardless of current VLAN. The correct behavior is to ignore ports and VLANs 900 and higher.

#513: In certain cases, account deletion may fail.

#511: Change default console and enable password for instructor accounts to 'cisco' and 'class'.

#510: Remote PC configuration file name should not be case sensitive.

4.0.0 Major Upgrade

NETLAB+ 4.0 is the fourth major feature upgrade. For a complete list of new features and changes occurring between version 3 and version 4, please see the Version 4.0 Release Note Summary


New Features:

NETLAB Academy Edition Sharing Portal.
Catalyst 3560 lab device support.

Bug Fixes:

#508: Cycling individual pods offline and online many times can cause incorrect temporary IP addresses to be used during pod test and flash recovery. Pod test may fail on Ethernet test.

#509: E0 and E1 are reversed on R1 in Basic Switch Pod Version 2.

3.7.4 December 2, 2005

Bug Fixes:

#507: After 3.7.3 upgrade, student lab reservations are not appearing in the archive. The data is in the database and will be accessible after this fix is applied.

#508: Pod test now provides a very descriptive message when "boot-enable break" needs to be enabled on a lab switch.

3.7.3 - November 26, 2005

New Features:

NETLAB Academy Edition adds three new pod types:

  • Basic Router Pod Version 2
  • Basic Switch Pod Version 2
  • Network Security Pod 2.0

46 CCNA2 labs have been updated.


New Features:

The Remote PC viewer now provides a radio button to switch between 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution. This feature may be replaced in a future version by adding scrollbars to the Remote PC's client area.

The administrator profile now includes both a technical contact and business contact. Alerts may be sent to either.

Added RAID 1 support for Professional Edition.

A disk status feature was added. This administrator utility displays disk usage and free space on each volume. RAID array status is also displayed on PE systems.

Bug Fixes:

#506: Changing switch type for a control switch does not update the switch configuration file name. Subsequent auto-configuration fails.


Bug Fixes:

#504: Remote PC sessions may hang under heavy load.

#505: Curriculum upload not handling Cisco modules with same top level directory.


New Features:

Added Security Router Pod and Security PIX Pod in support of FNSR and FNSP curriculum.

Added Remote PC support for security pods.

New iconic administrative interface.

Added integration with VMware GSX Server.

Added Cisco 1841, and Cisco 2800 series routers.

New modular interface for managing control devices and pods.

Added 4 and 8 hour options to class self-study to the class manager.

Any set of lab exercises can be assigned to a class. For example, you may authorize CCNA, CCNP, and FNS exercises within the same class.

CCNA Bridge exercises can now be turned on or off for a given class.

Major documentation updates:

  • Administrator Guide
  • Install Guide

New documentation:

  • System Overview
  • Remote PC Guide
  • NETLAB Academy Edition pod specific guides

Resolved Issues:

#503: Scrub fails when recovery of IOS image exceeds 15 minutes.

#502: TFTP requests from a Catalyst 2950 or 3550 can hang the NETLAB TFTP server.

#501: Curriculum upload does not work for CCNA Bridge courses.

#500: Deleting a reservation in progress may cause the next reservation to start ahead of schedule.


Beta release.


New Features:

Beta support for Netscape 7.x, Firefox 0.9+, and browsers based on Mozilla 5.

Added Java and Javascript checks.


New Features:

Add Cisco Academy curriculum upload support for:

  • CCNA 3.x and Bridge Courses
  • CCNP 3.x and Bridge Courses
  • Academy Fundamentals - Orientation Course 3.x
  • Academy Fundamentals - Remote Teaching Course 2.x
  • GLN Orientation 2.x
  • IT Essentials 1 and 2 (v2.0)
  • IT Essentials 1 and 2 (v3.0)

Added an administrative option to limit scheduling of pods to specific instructors and their students.

Resolved Issues:

#496: Wrong pod type icons shown on CCNP catalog

#497: Curriculum upload size restriction too small. Increased maximum limit to 125 megabytes


New Features:

NETLABAE now supports automated operations on the Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch. Requires IOS 12.1(19)EA1a or later.

Resolved Issues:

#486: Catalyst 3550 boot sequence can not be interrupted; inability to obtain ROM monitor mode causes NETLABAE automation to fail. Requires 12.1(19)EA1a or later.

#495: Files in TFTP directory may have incorrect permissions. TFTP operations may timeout or fail.


Resolved Issues:

#493: NETLABAE not using alternate HTTP port for CSS services.

#494: Core switch (Catalyst 3550) in Advanced Switch Pod does not power on; can not be powered on from the Actions tab.

Known Issues:

#486: NETLABAE does not support automation features such as Load, Save, Scrub, and Password Recover on the Cisco Catalyst 3550 (Advanced Switch Pods). Cisco does not currently support interruption of the boot sequence from the console port, which is required by NETLABAE to implement these features.


New Features:

Your Academy will benefit from using NETLABAE to host the Cisco Network Academy Program curriculum and lab content. NETLABAE's simple web interface makes the system easy to use and administrate. The NETLABAE administrator can load, install, and secure CNAP curriculum modules with a simple click of the mouse.

Resolved Issues:

#491: When loading configurations, interface commands are not programmed for Cisco 1750 and Cisco 1760 models.


New Features:

NETLABAE versions of the CCNA 3.0 lab exercises for Basic Router Pods.

Resolved Issues:

#489: Cable reference hyperlink for Advanced Router Pod is broken -- refers to "arp3.htm", should be topoarp3.htm.

Known Issues:

#486: Catalyst 3550 boot sequence can not be interrupted; inability to obtain ROM monitor mode causes NETLABAE automation to fail. This is an open bug with Cisco. NDG has is working around the problem by disabling NETLABAE automation on the 3550 lab switches. As a result, the load, save, scrub, and password recovery features are unavailable.


Released: to beta customers

Resolved Issues:

#485: Local Telnet client accepts incorrect passwords.

#484: During the "boot rom monitor" pod test, the Cisco 2500 series NETLABAE driver may send decimal 65 for config register instead of 0x41 (hex) causing test to fail.

#488: Active connections between control switches and lab switches can cause unexpected forwarding table problems on the Catalyst 1924 and trunk port hangs on the Catalyst 2950. This appears to be a switch problem; NETLABAE now works around it by keeping these connections in a down state until needed.


Released: to beta customers

New Features:

This release supports the new Academy CCNA 3.0 and CCNP 3.0 curriculum.

Four new pod types can be configured:

  • Basic Router Pod 3 routers 1 switch
  • Basic Switch Pod 1 router 2 switches
  • Advanced Router Pod 3 routers Frame/ISDN/Dial
  • Advanced Switch Pod 3 routers 5 switches

Loading from your last saved configuration is now specific to the type of pod reserved. For example, if you are reserving a Basic Switch Pod and choose to load your last saved configuration, NETLABAE will load the configurations from your last reservation of a Basic Switch Pod.

Resolved Issues:

#478: Log equipment power up and down events.


Released: March 29, 2003

Resolved Issues:

#476: Broken link off of "Manage System Images in TFTP Directory" from web admin page.

#477: Upon failure of a pod test, the Explain button does not open in Netscape.

#479: Remove the word Beta after NTA from the Profile pages.

#480: Student "Catalogue" link needed on file menu bar.

#481: Pod Test re-starts after user clicks "Finish Later" during New Pod Configuration.

#482: Patch sendmail for CERT VU# 398025.

#483: Switches in custom pods treated as routers when pod is modified from admin panel.

Known Issues:

#470: Double clicking or rapid clicking in the NETLABAE Telnet Applet button bar may cause the applet to freeze. Clicking on one of the buttons again will clear the problem. This only occurs with the NETLABAE Telnet Applet running on Java 1.4 runtime.


Released: December 23, 2002

Support for additional hardware:

  • Cisco 1700 routers
  • Catalyst 2950
  • Catalyst 2900-XL (lab switch only)

New and improved equipment configuration. Support for mixed pod types and mixed router types within the same pod. Router types and default IOS images can now be modified easily.

The lab switch (Lab_Sw) in the CCNA 2.1 5-router pod is now optional.

Added interface name translation feature for CCNA 2.1 5-router pods. Allows configuration files from different router types to be loaded without interface name conflicts. For example, if you load a 2500 config into a 2600, NETLABAE will translate Ethernet0 to FastEthernet0/0, Serial1 to Serial0/1, etc.

If user logins have been disabled, the administrator main page now displays a "currently DISABLED" reminder next to the Enable/Disable User Logins link.

On the Network Configuration and Status page, ports in the off state are now depicted as clear circles instead of red circles. Ports in the on state are shown as green circles.

Added user messages link on MyNETLAB page. Allows the user to receive system related messages from NETLABAE.

Users now receive a message if someone deletes their lab reservations.

Resolved Issues:

#474: Access server configurations will not correctly configure FastEthernet0/0 on 2620 or 2621 modular access router.

2.24.0 - October 19, 2002

A pre-printed label will be attached to each new system to help identify Ethernet and serial ports specific to the hardware model. Help screens and documentation will refer to the label.

Resolved Issues:

#472: Help files for pod test errors were deleted during previous upgrade.

#473: Enabling technical support over Telnet option should query for authorized source IP addresses instead of waiting for normal update.

2.23.1 - September 24, 2002

Added feature that allows system admin to reset the administrator password to 'netlab' if the password is forgotten. This must be done from the system console. The procedure is not documented and must be obtained from technical support.

Added internal procedure to reset system to the factory defaults.

Report status to CSS after successful upgrade.

2.22.4 - September 18, 2002

New Features:

Added support for Sun Cobalt LX50.

Added system integrity feature to restart failed processes that should be running.

Resolved Issues:

#450: NETLABAE console does not respond for several minutes after boot.

#471: Apache web server not getting started on boot on some systems.


Released: September 9, 2002

New Features:

The new "NETLABAE Telnet Applet" (NTA) provides an alternative Java-based Telnet applet streamlined for NETLABAE. It operates in line-oriented mode, which is suitable for devices with a command line interface. It loads quickly, provides automatic login, can be resized in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and can provide a different color scheme for each device. The NTA is currently beta, but will eventually become the default Telnet client. Go to your account profile to select and configure the NTA.

New options have been added to the Telnet client profile:

Automatic Login (JTA and NTA)

This checkbox was added so that users can disable automatic logins in the Java Telnet Applet or NETLABAE Telnet Applet. This is useful when firewall authentication or proxy servers interfere with the auto login process.

Color Scheme (NTA only)

Used to specify the default color scheme for the NETLABAE Telnet Applet. The color can also be changed in real time by clicking the Color button in the Applet.

Font Size (NTA only)

Used to specify the default font size for the NETLABAE Telnet Applet. The size can also be changed in real time by clicking the Font button in the Applet.

Instructor management now prompts for a time zone selection for new instructor accounts. To avoid potential issues, this is now a required field.

NDG technical support can now be performed over Telnet, in addition to SSH. This option must be enabled by the system administrator via the "configure services" web page, or from the system console. If firewalls and/or policy prohibit NDG access using SSH (TCP port 22), you may enable this option. You should only enable this option at NDG's request in conjunction with problem resolution. For security, NETLABAE will automatically disable this option in 5 days. SSH provides encryption and is still the preferred protocol for NDG access. However, with this change, level 3 access as defined in the CSS white paper is no longer a requirement to operate a NETLABAE system.

You may now login to the NETLABAE system console (serial port or monitor/keyboard if so equipped) using the administrator password. This eliminates the need to remember and maintain a separate console password. The option to change the password in the administrator profile now indicates that the password is also used for console access.

Removed shell access option from console menu.

Added traceroute from server back to CSS server in the Outbound Firewall Test.

Added more pod test diagnostic information to NETLABAE log.

Resolved Issues:

#455: The "boot IOS" pod test for common devices (2600, 1700) is setting the config register to 8514 (decimal) instead of 0x2142 (hex).

#456: Pod tests fail randomly, sometimes after successful run. Error message indicates test was terminated by server.

#468: When the NETLABAE server and APC boot at same time (e.g. power restored to both), the power management logic should allow extra time for APC to boot before giving up and leaving outlets in the ON state.

Known Issues (unresolved):

#469: The TAB key in the Java Telnet Applet does not work on systems using the Java 1.4 runtime plug-in. As a result, command line completion in Cisco IOS does not work. Instead, the TAB key passes focus to the disconnect button on the button bar. The workaround is to use the NETLABAE Telnet Applet.

#470: Double clicking or rapid clicking in the NETLABAE Telnet Applet button bar may cause the applet to freeze. Clicking on one of the buttons again will clear the problem. This only occurs with the NETLABAE Telnet Applet running on Java 1.4 runtime plug-in.

2.20.0 - August 8, 2002

New Features:

Add hardware tag to NETLABAE saved configuration files.

Added interface translation for default exercise configuration files - NETLABAE will convert Cisco 2500 based configs to Cisco 2600 as needed.

Remove references to beta and pilot from login and default welcome banners.

Resolved Issues:

#453: Default configurations for CCNA exercises should work with both 2500 and 2600 routers, but the interface statements are not set up correctly to work with the 2600.

2.19.0 - July 1, 2002

#452: Fix Apache web server chunk handling vulnerability.

2.18.0 - June 18, 2002

New Features:

Administrator password can be reset from CSS.

Added CSS connectivity checks. Increased CSS status reporting from 2 to 4 times daily. Added table creation information to CSS backups.

Resolved Issues:

#451: Scrub at end-of-time fails to save startup-config if running-config could not be obtained. NETLABAE log shows CLI-F-CLEANUP error associated with the affected router.

2.17.1 - May 29, 2002

New Features:

The requirement for a 3rd NIC card to perform image recovery has been dropped. This function now uses the same NIC (eth1) used for internal control. The 3rd NIC (eth4) will be disabled upon installation of this version on existing NETLABAE systems. All configuration programs and drawings have been updated to reflect this change.

Resolved Issues:

#447: Update process waits exactly ten minutes before proceeding. Should be a random amount of time up to 10 minutes.

#448: Upgrade process timing out for systems with large profiles (integrator systems).

2.16.0 - May 15, 2002

Resolved Issues:

#410: NETLABAE scrub is not detecting when default image is too large to fit in flash. This check has been added to the pod test utility.

#440: NETLABAE-saved configuration files may be missing lines before the "end" statement, typically in "line vty 0 4" section.

#441: NETLABAE-saved configuration files always contain reservation="1" instead of actual reservation ID.

#442: Incorrect spelling of "corresponding" in pod test help screens.

#443: 2610 access server configurations try to configure interface fa0/0 - should be e0/0.

#444: Benign IOS errors during pod configuration should be documented.

#445: The pod configurator and configuration references do not show the subnet mask for the APC Masterswitch units.

#446: On rare occasions, the Submit/I'm Done/We're done button and time remaining counter does not appear.

2.15.1 - April 30, 2002

New Features:

To help troubleshoot Telnet problems, NETLABAE will log all Telnet connections attempted, received, and authorized in the system log file.

Resolved Issues:

#438: Pod configuration assigns e0/2 to recovery interface in Pod 2 Lab_E. Causes scrub and pod test to fail. Correct interface is e0.

2.14.1 - April 11, 2002

New Features:

Implemented pod test on administrator page. This test will verify configurations, connections, and device specific features (including lab gear). Created context sensitive help for failed tests.

Control device configurations that appear in pod configuration can be viewed later from the administrator panel (Academy Edition only).

Administrator can route NETLABAE's central service requests to an HTTP proxy server. Outbound SMTP mail can be routed to an alternate mail server. This is configured in 'Configure NETLABAE Services' page.


Removed Netscape 4.7 warning upon login.

Resolved Issues:

#433: NETLABAE services not compatible with Squid HTTP proxy/cache.

#434: Integrity check generates false alarms for open UDP ports if run at the same time an automated operation is using SNMP.

#435: Correct setting for APC 9211/9212 console port is NO flow control, not hardware flow control.

#436: NETLABAE may not initialize the reservation properly if 1) the prior reservation is deleted while in progress and 2) an automated operation is occurring at the time.

#437: Added retry (up to 3 times) if no response received from access server.

#438: Console bus terminate_all function is not working.

2.12.3 - March 15, 2002

New Features:

The scheduler reminds users that 10 minutes is reserved for saving work and preparing for the next time slot. The exercise catalog also displays the reminder and lab times reflect this.

Exercise tab added to instructor-led labs. Allows instructor to change selected exercise and optionally load default configuration files for the exercise. Replaces the pulldown on the Topology tab which now just shows the currently selected exercise.


Extensive work on automated action drivers to support more Cisco gear and increase fault tolerance.

Control switch driver now uses native interface names and SNMP interface index table.

Topology tab handles absence of defined image file.

Resolved Issues:

#431: When telnetting to a device, clients who do not have an IP-to-name mapping in DNS may experience a long delay before the login prompt appears.

#432: NETLABAE may fail to enter enable mode while trying to load a configuration file.

#420: Scrub takes too long and returns CLI-F-EXEC in when router left in disable mode and enable secret set to unknown value.


New Features:

The scheduler's calendar page now expands to the full width of browser window to provide more viewing area for systems with a large number of custom pods. A left/right scroll bar is also provided when there are too many pods to fit nicely.

The calendar page will no longer display a hyperlink to make a reservation (plus icon in a circle) if the time slot has passed. On average, the page will load faster by eliminating these links.


Reorganize SQL tables for more flexible pod configurations in the future.

Allow alternate vty and enable passwords for access servers (commercial).

Resolved Issues:

#430: Different versions of IOS and 2500 boot ROMs use "file name" and "filename" in copy tftp flash dialog. Automation actions now handle both.

#429: Special characters in IOS system banners can cause NETLABAE automated actions to fail and/or crash, possibly hanging up the lab.

#428: Automated action "watchdog timer" should force clean up of device's action queue if NETLABAE server process fails to kill the script.

#427: Abend of automated action should report exception to NETLABAE.

#426: Archive can display incorrect count of reservations completed by individual students; team reservations are incorrectly included in this count.

#424: NETLABAE does not handle Retain Configs/Logs option correctly in Edit Class.

#425: Clean up cosmetic Archive issues in Netscape 4.7.


New Features:

Detect when Cisco IOS has output a console message during a configuration save. If so, save again.

Send exercise ID with assessment data.


Reorganize and modularize cron job activity.

Add integrator install modules and support.

RAQ-4 LCD configuration support.

Resolved Issues:

#422: Restarting Apache web server during manual upgrade terminates upgrade process and locks out users.

#423: IOS console messages can occur during "show run" and taint the save configuration process. NETLABAE now detects this and will re-save.


New Features:

Added archive of configuration files and session logs for completed instructor-led, student, or team reservations.

Output from automated operations now omitted from log files.

Daily backups use mysqldump complete and extended inserts. Drop table create info.


Bug Fixes:

#417: Pod configuration missing NETLABAE-nm16-config file on TFTP server for NM-16A module.

#418: Password not set on additional vty 5 31 on cisco 2600 systems. Causes labs to not initialize when system runs out of vtys.

#419: Automated operations on Lab_A fail when using the Premium bundle.


New Features:

Default router passwords for *NEW* classes changed. Console is now 'cisco'. Enable secret is now 'class'.

Added initial configurations for several CNAP exercises. Thanks to Sonya Coker for providing these. Lab 13.1.6 actually sets up a real troubleshooting scenario.

Additions to administrator page:

  • Enable/disable user login feature.
  • System alerts.

Pod configuration changes:

  • Disable logins during equipment configuration.
  • Accept TFTP filenames ending 'confg' or 'config'.
  • Rename 'Standard' bundle to 'Original' bundle.
  • Rename 'Optional' bundle to 'Premium' bundle.

Added current time and page refresh link to student MyNETLAB page.

Change "I'm done" message for NETPASS from "Submitting your work will end your NETLABAE appointment" to "submitting your work will end your NETLABAE appointment. Feedback for this activity will be available 5 to 10 minutes after you submit your work."

Bug Fixes:

#415: Pod configuration does not actually delete dependent reservations when pods removed.

#411: Broken link from the administration web page to Outbound Firewall Test.

#416: Reservations longer than 23 days cause MyNETLAB page to refresh continuously.


This release implements the central services architecture:

  • Upgrades from the Internet
  • Time synchronization
  • Security profiling
  • Daily backup of SQL database
  • Central alerts and status reporting

No problems found thus far with MSIE 6.0. Removed warnings.


Bug Fixes:

#408: After rebooting NETLABAE server, login to lab shows "RedHat Linux" and version.

#409: Config register set to 0x2142 if user schedules a reservation with "load no configs" option. Subsequent reload produces empty running-config.


New Features:

Added administration tool to configure up to 4 pods of equipment based on CCNA original or premium bundle.

Added automated operations for the Cisco 2600 series.

NETLABAE now can serve CNAP curriculum modules. Link to curriculum added to MyNETLAB page.

When saving a configuration, NETLABAE now adds an explicit "no shutdown" to any interface that does not contain a "shutdown". Therefore, when loading a config saved by NETLABAE, the interface states are also restored.

A reservation may now be deleted after it has started. The ability to delete a reservation in progress is intended for instructors who need immediate access to a pod and need to "bump" someone off the pod. If possible, you should ask the user terminate his reservation gracefully by having them to click the "I'm Done" button from the Lab Access screen. This will cause configuration files to be saved, log files to be retained, and the pod to be scrubbed. Any unused 30 minute blocks will be returned to the scheduler after completion of the scrub.

Console sharing now reports when another user departs the connection or releases control.

Added a button on lab/connections tab that allows user to drop all his open device connections. Useful if the client crashes and NETLABAE server is not aware that the connections have closed.

Text indicating minutes remaining in lab turns red when 5 minutes or less left.

NETLABAE now displays the assumed console and enable passwords on the lab action, load and save tabs.

Added icons to the instructor's scheduler choices.

To avoid conflict with RFC 1918 addresses on user networks, NETLABAE standard pod configuration tools now assigns addresses to internal devices.

Added shutdown and reboot options to the administrator web interface.

Added granular debugging facilities to server process.

Bug Fixes:

#401: Spelling and grammar corrections on MyNETLAB and profile pages.

#402: Login screen is not enforcing case sensitivity. NETLABAE can not log users into and out of the lab equipment automatically when the user ID is not entered exactly as assigned.

#403: A student scheduling time should return to the catalog when choosing to "Make Another Reservation". Currently returns to the calendar, which is appropriate the correct behavior for an instructor.

#404: Console sharing reports when a user joins a session, but is not reporting when someone leaves.

#405: Show CDP neighbors should not report control switch attached to e0 ports. Add "no cdp enable" to ports on control switch.

#406: NETLABAE clients without ip-to-name mappings in DNS experience a long delay the first time they Telnet into a device.

#407: Lack of explicit "no shut" in configs causes interfaces to be down when saved configs are reloaded.

#391: NETLABAE internal addresses are conflicting with RFC 1918 user networks.


New Features:

Added automated operations for Catalyst 1900. Requires Enterprise Edition 9.00.04.

Removed workstations from CNAP standard pod diagram.

Added new topology graphic for CLI/Assessment Implementation Hard scenario.

Add logic to command history (index.csv) that compensates for certain IOS console messages interrupting the command line. The messages currently handled are:

  • Configured from console by console
  • changed state to up
  • changed state to down
  • changed state to administratively down

On the CLI assessment interface, the "I'm done" button was changed to "submit" and the confirmation reads "Submitting your work will end your NETLABAE appointment".

Added weekly log rotation for NETLABAE and Web Server.


#399: The instructions say "Please click inside the telnet area before typing," but clicking does no good unless you also hit ENTER. Please change the instructions to something like "Please click inside the Telnet area and hit ENTER before typing." (Lab Access)

#400: IOS "%SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console" after leaving config mode corrupts commands in index.csv.


New Features:

Network configuration (read-only), pod diagnostic and outbound network test added to administrative web interface.

Added administrative console option to allow client IP addresses to change within the same session. See issue #397.

MSIE 6 logins permitted. Limited testing and support. See #395.

Added daily system integrity check.


#398: Turn off ftp server by default. Upgrade wu-ftpd to 2.6.0(1).

#375: [re-issue] In some cases users can enter the lab before the diagnostic passes.

#394: POD becomes unusable if configs e-mailed to instructor and sendmail is not running. NETLABAE log repeats [date time] event 1 Z 33 abended (pid=nnn), Failed to connect to mail server: Transport endpoint is not connected at ...

#395: MSIE 6.0 logins denied.

#396: Java Telnet Applet window displays Netscape 4.x crash warning to MSIE users.

#397: NETLABAE complains about changing client IP addresses. 1) client is behind a NAT firewall with more than one IP address in the NAT outbound pool, OR 2) NAT firewall has multiple outbound links, routing is not constant, and client external source address is NAT-ed.


New Features:

Comprehensive menu-driven system console.

  • Change IP configuration
  • Set console and administrative web passwords
  • Restrict administrative access
  • Tools to view O/S and network status
  • Simple access to most recent system logs
  • Graceful system shutdown and reboot options

In the class manager, the new default end date is one year later. The old default was today. Those who did not pay attention to dates created a one day class and wondered why the scheduler would not allow a class to be scheduled after the first day.

Basic log viewers available in administrator account.

More Netscape 4.7x compatibility effort, but MSIE 5.5 still preferred.


#375: Removed HTML pragmas and META tags that try to control caching in MSIE. Causing "data missing" problems in Netscape and annoying "expired" messages. Actually fixed in 2.3.1.

#384: When making a student or team reservation from an instructor account, NETLABAE should ignore the reservation limits set in the class profile.

#385; Outbound HTTP requests can hang longer than 10 minutes if target web server is down or unreachable.

#386: Scrub is failing on Cisco 2500 models that take longer than 10 seconds to obtain 2500 processor message on system bootstrap.

#387: Log files indicating "CONBUS-F-SETATTR: unable to restore terminal mode" after console session completes.

#388: Actions, Load Config, Save Config does not work in Netscape 4.7. Pop up window is blank and action is not carried out.

#392: The lab Status and Connections panel in Netscape 4.7+ may begin to update rapidly causing the server to bog down until the offending browser is closed.

Known Issues:

#393: Closing Java Telnet Applet Window sometimes crashes Netscape 4.7x, sometimes taking Windows 98 down too.

#391: NETLABAE uses and internally. This will conflict with user networks using this address space. In a future release, NETLABAE will use 169.245.254/24 and 169.254.255/24 which should not conflict with RFC 1918 private networks.

#389: After pod initializes, status may show that power is off, even though it is on. Refreshing the page shows the correct outlet status.


New Features:

Through the class management interfaces, the primary instructor may elect to receive e-mails containing the configs and logs from student exercises.

Student/team reservation limits set in class management interface are now enforced.

Instructors may now view all files and folders in the file system within their organization.

When an instructor makes a reservation for a team, NETLABAE will only list teams which contain students. Previously, NETLABAE would list teams A through Z, even if the team had no students defined. Fixes #377 (below).

Considerable effort toward Netscape 4.7 compatibility.


#377: NETLABAE should generate an error message if an instructor tries to reserve team time for a team that does not exist in a class with defined student accounts.

#379: Entering the lab between diagnostic and awaken state will cause save scrub to be bypassed even though reservation was attended.

#380: NETLABAE sometimes produces a PLANVIEW-F-CGISTATE error when aborting a reservation.

#381: Form text inputs much too large in Netscape 4. Causes text to run together.

#382: In Netscape 4, fields without values display in dark blue.

#383: Removed HTML pragmas and META tags that try to control caching in MSIE. Causing "data missing" problems in Netscape and annoying "expired" messages.

Known Issues:

#378: To avoid possible confusion, scheduler should warn a user when the end date of a selected class has expired before bringing up the scheduler

Cat1924 switch not automated yet.


New Features:

Implemented NetPASS assessment interfaces per Unicon specifications.


#374: When loading a config, selecting the "erase before reload" option fails with log message: ACTION-F-CRASH, action 1 LC 1 abended (pid=#), Can't locate object method "boot_no_config"

#372: Scrub and initialize operations should return to normal exec mode, not privileged exec

#371: Broken hyperlinks:

  1. MyNETLAB-> Class -> Class Name -> Student Accounts -> Student Name -> Help
  2. MyNETLAB-> Class -> Class Name -> Student Accounts -> Add Students
  3. Administration -> Manage Custom Content

#369: If you start a new NETLABAE browser session, possibly from a different computer, NETLABAE should terminate device connections from the old session

#368: NETLABAE should generate an error message if an Instructor tries to reserve student or team time for a class with no defined student accounts

Known Issues:
  • Netscape 4.7 not fully tested.
  • Cat1924 switch not automated yet.
  • Student reservation limits set in class management interface are not enforced.


This version was purely internal cleanup.

Cleans up the NETLABAE standard database a little. Tag field added to filesys. All accounts are whacked. See DBU-2.2.1.sql.


Development after split.

New Features:

Administrator account and administration page. Instructor management (add, change, delete). Check for MSIE 5.0, 5.1, 5.5 or NS 4.7 on login. Graceful deletion of reservation in progress.


#351: cancel button on student add/errors fixed

#364: alerts need to be deleted when student/class deleted

#365: alerts generated against NETLABAE pseudo account

Known Issues:

Netscape 4.7 not tested, your mileage may vary

#368: Scheduler should check for empty class before student/team reservation


To provide test stability, separated n2test and n2dev systems with this version. 2.2.0 development will continue on n2dev.

New Features:
  • Flash recovery of IOS on Cisco 2500
  • Added TFTP_NET param to /etc/netlabd.conf
  • Managed events (autoload, autosave, end-of-time, etc.)
  • User profile
  • Unused 30 minute blocks returned to scheduler (after scrub!)
  • Energy saver: pod turned off if nothing scheduled within next hour
  • Reservation simple listing in instructor scheduler
  • MyNETLAB auto page refresh (instructor)
  • Student password reset
  • Forced password change at login
  • Linux kernel customized for NETLABAE:
    • Reiser File System support (fault tolerant journalling file system)
    • Virtual terminal limit increased from 256 to 1024
    • Stripped unused options and drivers


#352: Expect dialog leaking to netlabd controlling term

#354: Broken hyperlinks

#357: Broken hyperlinks

#358: When scheduling team time, confirm is blank

#360: netlab.log message quality

#361: Wrong device/sw_dev_port values for pod 2

#362: Conbusd process remains running after netlabd terminates

Known Issues:

Student scheduler limits from class profile not enforced MyNETLAB auto page refresh not implemented on student account Automation for Cat 1924 (Lab_S1) not implemented

Database modifications:



First version shipped as a network appliance.