CCNP Routing and Switching: SWITCH v7

NDG has worked closely with the Cisco CCNP v7 lab team to develop these labs and to ensure compatibility with NETLAB+.

CCNP v7 SWITCH is supported by one or more of the following NETLAB+ pods. The supported lab list (below) provides a list of CCNP v7 SWITCH compatible labs and the pod types that can be used for each lab.

Supported Labs

Lab Title Pod Required
1 Preparing the Switch CSP
3-1 Static VLANS, Trunking and VTP CSP
3-2 Etherchannel CSP
4-1 Implement Spanning Tree Protocols CSP
4-2 Multiple Spanning Tree CSP
5-1 Inter-VLAN Routing CSP
6-1 First Hop Redundancy Protocols - HSRP and VRRP CSP
6-2 Hot Standby Router Protocol for IPV6 MAP or MAP w/ASA
6-3 Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) MAP or MAP w/ASA
7-1 Synchronizing Campus Network Devices using Network Time Protocol (NTP) CSP
7-2 Configure Campus Network Devices to support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv3) CSP
8-1 IP Service Level Agreements and Remote SPAN in a Campus Environment CSP
10-1 Securing Layer 2 Switches CSP
10-2 Securing VLANs CSP
SBA - A Skills Based Exam - A CSP
SBA - B Skills Based Exam - B CSP
Enabling the Labs

To enable the CCNP v7 SWITCH labs, create a class and select global lab AE CCNPv7 SWITCH in the class settings.

The Skills exams are contained in a separate lab package and are enabled in the class settings separately from the core CCNPv7 SWITCH labs. This allows instructors to defer access to the exams until the end of the course. To enable the SBAs, select global lab AE CCNPv7 SWITCH SBA.

The Cuatro Switch Pod (CSP) is used to support all but two of the labs, as shown in the Supported Lab List below.

Using the Labs

Always select the correct lab exercise for the lab being performed. Students or teams should schedule the correct lab exercise from the catalog. NETLAB+ will only show those labs for which the required pod type is available. A lab that works on different pod types may appear more than once if your system is so equipped. Instructors should select the correct lab from the Exercise tab during instructor-led lab reservations. This can be done as many times as needed during the reservation.

Importance of Choosing the Correct Lab Exercise

Several of the labs may differ from the standard pod topologies. This is handled by NETLAB+ Dynamic VLAN Mapping technology. Always select the correct lab exercise for the actual lab. This insures that NETLAB+ will set up VLANs on the control switch such that lab devices and PCs are placed in the correct LAN segment for the exercise being performed. Selecting the correct exercise will also make the completed lab output easier to find in the archive.


Router, Switch and IOS Requirements

The following recommendations are based on the CCNP v7 Equipment List (available on Academy Connection). Other switch models may be used. Please consult Academy Connection NetAcad Maintenance - Image & Hardware Support Assistance with Legacy Equipment and Software.

Cuatro Switch Pod

Feature Set
DLS1 Cisco 35601 15.0(2)SE6 IP Services (K9-M image)
DLS2 Cisco 35601 15.0(2)SE6 IP Services (K9-M image)
ALS1 Cisco 2960 15.0(2)SE6 LAN base for 2960 (K9-M image)
ALS2 Cisco 2960 15.0(2)SE6 LAN base for 2960 (K9-M image)

1Cisco WS-C3560V2-24PS switches ("V2" models) do not respond to a console break signal, regardless of "enable break" setting, and therefore do not work with NETLAB+ automation (reference Cisco bug CSCsv92241). Although the bug was reported fixed, the problem still persists on the V2 models as of this writing. Workarounds: use WS-C3560-24PS (non-"V2" version) switches if available, or turn off automation by using the Generic Console Device setting.

Multi-purpose Academy Pod and Multi-purpose Academy Pod w/ASA
Router /
Feature Set/Technology Packages
R1 Cisco 1941 256 MB 256 MB 15.4(3) IP Base, Security
R2 Cisco 1941 256 MB 256 MB 15.4(3) IP Base, Security
R3 Cisco 1941 256 MB 256 MB 15.4(3) IP Base, Security
S1 Cisco 36501 4096 MB 2048 MB 3.3.5 SE Universal
S2 WS-C2960+24TC-L 128 MB 64 MB 15.0(2)SE7 LAN Base
S3 Cisco 36501 4096 MB 2048 MB 3.3.5 SE Universal

1Requires minimum NETLAB+ version 2015.R2.beta.5.