DevNet Associate v1

Cisco Devnet Associate is an excellent tool for building the skills set needed for Software Development and Design, Understanding and Using APIs, Network Fundamentals, Application Deployment and Security, Infrastructure and Automation. Using NDG’s remote access solution, students access Cisco DevNet Associate lab content remotely, eliminating the need for students to install the DEVASC VM and CSR 1000v VM on their individual devices.

NETLAB+ supports access to Cisco DevNet Associate lab content using the DevNet Associate v1 Pod.

Learners access Cisco DevNet Associate lab content. See the documentation below for details.

Documentation Resources

Lab Title Description
Cisco DevNet Associate v1:
Accessing Lab Content
Step-by-step guidance on accessing Cisco DevNet Associate lab content.
Install from Course Manager

To enable access to lab reservations, install the Cisco DevNet Associate v1 course using the Course Manager. See the Course Manager section of the NETLAB+ VE Admin Guide for details. The course content will then be available to be added to classes.