Network Security v1

The Network Security curriculum prepares learners to design, implement, and support security for networked devices and ensure their integrity. Hands-on labs allow learners to practice the skills needed to become Network Security professionals and play a vital role in protecting a company's data from theft, damage, or disruption.

All labs are compatible with the MAP with ASA topology.

Supported Labs

Lab Description
4.4.7 Configure Secure Administrative Access
4.4.9 Configure Network Devices with SSH
5.2.5 Configure Administrative Roles
6.2.7 Configure Automated Security Features
6.3.6 Basic Device Configuration and OSPF Authentication
6.7.11 Configure Cisco IOS Resilience Management and Reporting
7.2.5 Configure Local AAA Authentication
7.4.7 Install the Virtual Machine
7.4.8 Configure Server-Based Authentication with RADIUS
10.3.12 Configure ZPFs
14.9.9 Configure STP Security
16.1.6 Hashing Things Out
16.3.10 Encrypting and Decrypting Data Using OpenSSL
16.3.11 Encrypting and Decrypting Data Using a Hacker Tool
16.3.12 Examining Telnet and SSH in Wireshark
17.2.7 Certificate Authority Stores
19.5.6 Configure a Site-to-Site VPN
21.2.10 Configure ASA Basic Settings Using the CLI
21.7.6 Configure ASA Network Services Routing and DMZ with ACLs Using CLI
21.9.5 Configure ASA Basic Settings and Firewall Using ASDM
SA Skills Assessment
Enabling the Labs

To enable the Network Security v1 labs, install the Network Security - v1 course using the Course Manager. See the Course Manager section of the NETLAB+ VE Admin Guide for details. The course content will then be available to be added to classes.

Using the Labs

Always select the correct lab exercise for the lab being performed. Students or teams should schedule the correct lab exercise from the catalog. NETLAB+ will only show those labs for which the required pod type is available. A lab that works on different pod types may appear more than once if your system is so equipped. Instructors should select the correct lab from the Exercise tab during instructor-led lab reservations. This can be done as many times as needed during the reservation.

Importance of Choosing the Correct Lab Exercise

Several of the labs may differ from the standard pod topologies. This is handled by NETLAB+ Dynamic VLAN Mapping technology. Always select the correct lab exercise for the actual lab. This insures that NETLAB+ will set up VLANs on the control switch such that lab devices and PCs are placed in the correct LAN segment for the exercise being performed. Selecting the correct exercise will also make the completed lab output easier to find in the archive.

NETLAB+ will configure the routers and switches with initial configuration files that include basic IP connectivity. Please verify this configuration by pinging the network interfaces before starting the lab exercise.