This sharing program provides an opportunity for Academies who may not have the resources to acquire their own hardware to have access to actual networking equipment for their students to complete Cisco Networking Academy lab exercises. Remote Academies can access real Cisco equipment via the Internet for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

The Hosting Academies listed below may charge a cost recovery fee, which can help reduce the expenses associated with maintaining the hardware resources needed to keep pace with CCNA and CCNP certification program requirements. NETLABAE licensing allows Academies who purchase NETLABAE the option to share access to their system with other Academies throughout the world.

Please Note: Many CATC and Regional Cisco Networking Academies host NETLAB+ to support their Regional and Local Academies. We encourage you to contact your CATC or Regional Support Center to discuss the options available to your organization for NETLAB+ access.

"All Academies who advertise system access via the NDG NETLAB+ Academy Sharing Portal should determine the appropriate fee to customers. Cisco recommends that this fee is based on a cost recovery structure only." --Cisco Systems Inc.

Hosting Academies

The Academies below have indicated that they are willing to share time on their NETLAB+ system. Please direct inquiries to the contacts listed below.

Academy Name Pod Types Available Contact Information Comments

Academy Sharing Portal data is not available at this time.

Please check back later.

Advertising on the Portal

This feature was introduced in NETLABAE version 3.7.5. NETLABAE system administrators can update their Academy's sharing information from the administrator account. This optional service is provided at no additional cost to NETLABAE customers with a current maintenance agreement.