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Linux Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of the Linux operating system, command-line and basic open source concepts.

Course Details

NDG Linux Essentials is an introduction to Linux as an operating system, basic open source concepts and the basics of the Linux command line. Content developed by experts, a Linux virtual machine and step-by-step labs give you hands-on access to practice Linux command line concepts.With no previous knowledge required, this course is the perfect starting point to gain Linux skills.

Course Features

  • Develop a basic knowledge of the Linux command line
  • Study content explaining Linux as you practice on real Linux virtual machines
  • Access expert content online
  • Prepare for the Linux Professional Institute Linux Essentials Certificate
  • Get immediate feedback on your knowledge through built-in quizzes and tests

NDG Linux Roadmap


  • Offered through Cisco Networking Academy
  • Module List

    Getting Started
    Help & Resources
    Before You Get Started
    Module 1 - Introduction to Linux
    Chapter 01
    Module 2 - Operating Systems
    Chapter 02
    Chapter 02 Exam
    Module 3 - Working in Linux
    Chapter 03
    Chapter 03 Exam
    Module 4 - Open Source Software and Licensing
    Chapter 04
    Chapter 04 Exam
    Module 5 - Command Line Skills
    Chapter 05
    Lab 05
    Chapter 05 Exam
    Module 6 - Getting Help
    Chapter 06
    Lab 06
    Chapter 06 Exam
    Module 7 - Navigating the Filesystem
    Chapter 07
    Lab 07
    Chapter 07 Exam
    Module 8 - Managing Files and Directories
    Chapter 08
    Lab 08
    Chapter 08 Exam
    Module 9 - Archiving and Compression
    Chapter 09
    Lab 09
    Chapter 09 Exam
    Midterm Exam
    Midterm Exam (Modules 2-9)
    Module 10 - Working with Text
    Chapter 10
    Lab 10
    Chapter 10 Exam
    Module 11 - Basic Scripting
    Chapter 11
    Lab 11
    Chapter 11 Exam
    Module 12 - Understanding Computer Hardware
    Chapter 12
    Lab 12
    Chapter 12 Exam
    Module 13 - Where Data is Stored
    Chapter 13
    Lab 13
    Chapter 13 Exam
    Module 14 - Network Configuration
    Chapter 14
    Lab 14
    Chapter 14 Exam
    Module 15 - System and User Security
    Chapter 15
    Lab 15
    Chapter 15 Exam
    Module 16 - Creating Users and Groups
    Chapter 16
    Lab 16
    Chapter 16 Exam
    Module 17 - Ownership and Permissions
    Chapter 17
    Lab 17
    Chapter 17 Exam
    Module 18 - Special Directories and Files
    Chapter 18
    Lab 18
    Chapter 18 Exam
    Final Exam
    Final Exam (Modules 10-18)
    Final Comprehensive Exam (Modules 2-18)
    Challenge Labs
    Challenge Lab A: User Management
    Challenge Lab B: Bash Scripting
    Challenge Lab C: Log File Archiving
    Challenge Lab D: Pipes, Redirection and REGEX


    This course aligns to the Linux Professional Institute Linux Essentials Certificate, focusing on the following concepts:

    • FOSS, the various communities, and licenses
    • Knowledge of open source applications in the workplace as they relate to closed source equivalents
    • Basic concepts of hardware, processes, programs and the components of the Linux operating system
    • Work on the command line and with files
    • Create and restore compressed backups and archives
    • System security, users/groups and file permissions for public and private directories
    • Create and run simple scripts

    See details on how the NDG Linux Essentials Course Aligns to STEM and Common Core Educational Standards.

    Career Paths

    The skills taught in this course are applicable to a wide range of careers including networking, software development and Linux administration.

    NDG Linux Essentials includes Coursebooks, Lab Exercises, and Assessments

    Instructor Information

    Linux Essentials is available through Cisco Networking Academy as an instructor-led or self-paced course.

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    NDG Linux Essentials

    NDG Linux Roadmap

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  • Offered through Cisco Networking Academy