The tables below provides specifications on configuration and licensing maximums for NETLAB Professional Edition® and NETLAB Academy Edition®.

Configuration Maximums

NETLAB Academy Edition NETLAB Professional Edition
Maximum active pods on one system
("active" refers to pods scheduled at the same time)
16 active 32 active
Maximum custom pods 2 total unrestricted
Maximum number of physical lab devices (routers, switches, ASA) 64 128
Maximum number of active virtual machines
(that can be scheduled at one time)
80 160
Maximum number of access servers 9 9
Maximum number of control switches1 9 9
Maximum number of switched outlet devices (APC) 18 18

1Maximum number of VLANs supported vary by control switch model. Please check that all control switches in your installation will support the required amount of VLANs for the connected pods.

Licensing Maximums

NETLAB Academy Edition NETLAB Professional Edition Description
Sharing with affiliated institutions 5 or less 10 or less As stated in the NETLAB+ End User License Agreement, customers may not allow more than the maximum number of permitted Affiliated Institutions associated with the Software Edition ordered by Customer to use the Software under this Agreement. Customer shall be fully responsible for Authorized Users’ use of the Software and compliance with this Agreement.

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