The limit of available VLANs on certain switch models must be considered when selecting a control switch.

The total number of VLANs required by a NETLAB+ system is calculated by taking the sum of the required VLANs for each pod, and adding 2 to that number. This total cannot exceed the available VLANs on the control switch. See the example below.

If multiple control switches are installed on a system, the number of VLANs required can not exceed the number of available VLANs on the control switch with the least number of available VLANs.

Number of VLANs Available on Each Supported Control Switch Model

Cisco Switch Model Minimum Required Image Number of Available VLANs
Catalyst 2950-12 12.1(22)EA2 - EA6 641
Catalyst 2950-12 12.1(22)EA14
Catalyst 2950-24 12.1(22)EA2 - EA6 641
Catalyst 2950-24 12.1(22)EA14
Catalyst 2950T-24 12.1(22)EA2 (EI) 250
Catalyst 2950T-48 12.1(22)EA2 (SI) 1281
Catalyst 2950C-24 12.1(22)EA2 250
Catalyst 2950G-12-EI 12.1(22)EA2 250
Catalyst 2950G-24-EI 12.1(22)EA2 250
Catalyst 2950G-48-EI 12.1(22)EA2 250
Catalyst 2960-24 12.2.25 255
Catalyst 2960-48 12.2.25 255
Catalyst 2960-48TC-S LAN Lite Image 641
Catalyst 3550-12 12.1(22)EA2 1000
Catalyst 3550-24 12.1(22)EA2 1000
Catalyst 3550-48 12.1(22)EA2 1000

1Be especially aware of this limit when using these switches, since the number of available VLANs is significantly less than other models. As shown in this example, these switches may not be adequate to support the number of pods that you plan to install on your NETLAB+ system.

Number of VLANs Required for Current NETLAB+ Topologies Supporting Cisco Networking Academy Content

Example of Calculating the VLANs Required for a NETLAB+ System

The total number of VLANs required for a typical system is calculated as shown in the table below. Keep in mind that if your NETLAB+ system includes custom pods, you must include the VLANs used by those pods in your calculations.

Topologies Installed VLANs Required Per Pod Number of Pods Installed VLANs required
Multi-purpose Academy Pod 8 3 24
Network Fundamentals Pod 10 1 10
Cuatro Router Pod 8 2 16
LAN Switching Pod 5 3 15
Basic Router Pod Version 2 6 1 6
Add 2     2
Total VLANs Required     74

In this example, the total number of VLANs required is 74. Therefore, switch models Catalyst 2950-12, Catalyst 2950-24 and Catalyst 2960-48TC-S (LAN Lite Image) could not be used as control switches for this system, since they provide only 64 available VLANs. Any of the other models listed in the supported control switch table, would easily satisfy the 74 VLAN requirement for this system.

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