A+ v4

The A+ certification has been long recognized as the industry standard for anyone interested in establishing a career in IT. The certification prepares individuals to take on both technical support and IT operational roles. Learners will develop an understanding of a broad range of topics including networking, operating systems, security and mobile devices.

The A+ v4 labs are supported using the A+ v4 Pod.

A+ v4 Supported Labs

Lab Title
01A Examining PC Hardware
01B Examining PC Hardware
02 Windows Management and Administrative Tools
03 Windows Network Settings
04 Windows Users and Groups
05 Sharing Resources - Folders
06 Sharing Resources - Printers
07 Disk Maintenance and Data Recovery
08 Command Line- Windows and Linux
09 Windows Control Panel
10 Windows Customizations
11 Remote Access
12 Troubleshooting Tools in Windows
13 Installing Software
14 Managing Storage
15 Security and Privacy
16 Deploy a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V
17 Writing Basic Scripts
Enabling the Labs

To enable the A+ v4 labs, install the NDG A+ - v4 course using the Course Manager. See the Course Manager section of the NETLAB+ VE Admin Guide for details. The course content will then be available to be added to classes.