This page describes the NETLAB+ system requirements to A+ content. The NETLAB+ pod design uses 100% virtualized lab components to achieve a high pod to physical host ratio, at a significantly lower cost point relative to traditional delivery of ISM content.

Using VMware virtualization and the sharing and scheduling capabilities of NETLAB+, each student (or team of students) has access to their own pod, which they may maintain exclusive use of throughout the course.

Please review the NETLAB+ System Requirements and specific requirements for other courses and lab content.

Required Hardware Components

The following interactive diagram and table lists required hardware components that are required to support the A+ content.


NETLAB+ integrates with VMware vSphere to provide remote PC support.

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# Component Description Learn More
1 NETLAB+ Server NETLAB+® is a server appliance with all software pre-installed. NETLAB+ Overview
2 VMware vCenter VMware vCenter enables you to manage the resources of multiple ESXi hosts and allows you to monitor and manage your physical and virtual infrastructure. NETLAB+ integrates with VMware vCenter to assist the administrator with installing, replicating and configuring virtual machine pods. vCenter Requirements
3 VMware ESXi Physical VMware ESXi servers host the virtual machines in your pods. Virtualization using ESXi is performed on separate physical servers, not included with NETLAB+. You can interface with multiple ESXi servers if necessary. Recommended Hardware for ESXi

VMware ESXi Host Requirements and vCenter Requirements

These components are used for NETLAB+ management of VMs. Specifications are provided on the Remote PC Support page.

Topology Specific Requirements

Details pertinent to specific topologies are available by selecting a topology on the Topologies page.