Palo Alto Networks Firewall 10.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management

These labs will enhance the student’s understanding of how to configure and manage Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewalls. The student will gain hands-on experience configuring, managing, and monitoring a firewall in a lab environment.

All NETLAB+ supported Palo Alto Networks Firewall 10.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management labs use the PAN 10.0 Pod.

Supported Labs

Lab Number Title
1 Connect to the Management Network
2 Working with Firewall Configurations and Log Files
3 Working with Firewall Administrator Accounts
4 Connecting the Firewall to Production Networks
5 Configuring Security Policy Rules and NAT Policy Rules
6 Blocking Packet- and Protocol-Based Attacks
7 Blocking Threats from Known-Bad Sources
8 Blocking Threats Using App-ID
9 Maintaining Application-Based Policies
10 Blocking Threats Using Custom Applications
11 Blocking Threats with User-ID
12 Blocking Unknown Malware with WildFire
13 Blocking Threats in Encrypted Traffic
14 Preventing Use of Stolen Credentials
15 Implementing Day-One Best Practice Configuration
16 Viewing Threat and Application Information
17 Capstone
Enabling the Labs

To enable the labs in NETLAB+ VE, install the Palo Alto Networks Firewall 10.0 Essentials course using the Course Manager. See the Course Manager section of the NETLAB+ VE Administrator Guide for details.

Using the Labs

Always select the correct lab exercise for the lab being performed. Students or teams should schedule the correct lab exercise from the catalog. NETLAB+ will only show those labs for which the required pod type is available. A lab that works on different pod types may appear more than once if your system is so equipped. Instructors should select the correct lab from the Exercise tab during instructor-led lab reservations. This can be done as many times as needed during the reservation.